Will there be a crossover between Fortnite and One Piece? These are the odds today

Since Epic Games celebrated that amazing collaboration Come in Fortnite and Naruto, the hypothetical situation of how spectacular crossovers with other anime would be has always been drawn in my head. Today, there is one on the horizon Dragon Ball that has broken records even before seeing the light. And, therefore, the logical thing is that the following question arises as a consequence: Will there ever be a collaboration between Fortnite and One Piece?

The thing is that I have begun to remember to try to collect all the information I have stored in my head about old battle royale leaks and I have realized that it is more likely to happen than it seems. Next, I explain why:

New collaboration between Fortnite and One Piece; Possible or impossible?

  • Epic Games made a deal a few months ago with Toei Animation to bring characters from the distributor’s anime to Fortnite
  • Epic Games has been launching several surveys over the last two years about which characters we would like to see in Fortnite and they mention several of One Piece
  • Crossovers with Naruto and Dragon Ball have been a successso it would be weird not to see one with One Piece in the future ✅
  • Therefore, and as a conclusion, for my part I would say that It seems to me quite likely that Fortnite will end up having a collaboration with the anime in the future ✅

When could this hypothetical collaboration take place?

  • If it happens, the logical thing is that this crossover coincided with an important event for One Piece
  • Perhaps with the premiere of the next big anime movie between October and November of this 2022?

What do you and you think of all this? Or, better yet: Which One Piece characters would you like to see in this hypothetical collaboration with the battle royale?