Yamato reveals his new goal with the One Piece Mugiwara


It seems that there may be a new ally of the mugiwara…

One of the most exciting scenes has taken place during the last chapter from One Piece, after many fights and tests passed, Yamato has finally decided: He will join the crew of the Straw Hat pirates.. With a great and effusive message that moved his fans, he has made it clear, in addition, his companions seem to agree.

turns out Yamato plans to accompany the team of Straw Hat Pirates. He introduced himself to the team, and of course, he also made sure to tell the gang who still goes by Kozuki Oden, “No, no, no! I’m not your enemy,” Yamato tells the Straw Hat members. they are still conscious once the War for Wano ends. “I’ll join you on your ship!! I’m Kozuki Oden. Also known as Yamato! Nice to meet you!!”

Yamato reveals his desire to join the Straw Hat Pirates crew. The rest of the crew celebrates his statement.

As you can imagine, Usopp and Nami are surprised by Yamato’s choice, though Franky is a bit hesitant. Jinbe feels similar given who Yamato’s father is, but as fans know, the fighter has disowned the captain of the Beasts Pirates. As for Sanji and Brook, they are very happy to welcome Yamato to his gang. But of course, Luffy will have the final say in One Piece, but given the positive reactions he’s had fighting alongside him, is likely to accept him in his crew.

Fans don’t expect Luffy to have a problem with Yamato joining the crew. After all, One Piece is trying to repeat history. Yamato has admired Oden his entire life, and the leader of Wano once left the country to travel the world with Gold Roger. Now, Luffy will take Yamato on the same journey to bring Oden’s legacy full circle.

What is the gender of Yamato from One Piece?

In One Piece a lot of time has been spent in Wano and at this point the country has become a fan favorite story arc. In fact, the saga is now one of the best manga to date, and came to feature main characters as Yamato, Kozuki Oden’s son. Of course, the Wano Saga is drawing to a close now, so it’s natural to wonder where its stars will go next. And to no one’s surprise, Yamato had already decided what his next steps would be.

As we well know, Yamato is the son of Kaidou of the Four Emperors. He was trained from a young age to be the heir, but instead developed a deep admiration for the samurai Kozuki Oden (something that caused discord with his father). After his death, Yamato decided to follow in his footsteps, adopting his name. And after meeting Monkey D. Luffy, he joined the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance so he can defeat the Beasts Pirates and get out of Onigashima.

one piece yamato gender

Monkey D. Luffy has always respected both Yamato’s gender and pronouns, unlike a part of the One Piece fandom.

The gender of Yamato from One Piece has been a topic of discussion among a part of the fandom that does not have a great reading comprehension. Well, since the beginning of his introduction, he has been introduced as a man, Kaidou’s son. In fact, upon meeting him, Luffy doesn’t doubt for a second the person he has in front of him. Even the tyrant of Wano names him several times as the “disobedient son of him * of him. Nevertheless, a stubborn part of the fandom continued to treat him like a woman (including the wikia itself in Spanish). But, any doubt was cleared in the most recent chapter.

In One Piece 1052 it is confirmed that Yamato is a trans man when they go to the castle baths to celebrate the victory over the tyrant. Before the entrance, Nami mentions to both him and Okiku that the bathrooms are not mixed, but they can go take a shower without any problem. At first, the possible new member of the mugiwara hesitates to enter, but ends up agreeing. Yamato ends up going to bathe with the rest of the men like any other and Okiku showers with the rest of the women without any problem.

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