You are going to freak out who has joined Buggy’s gang in One Piece 1056!

In One Piece 1056 details of what is happening in the world after the events of Wano are coming out

After the incredible ending that the wano-bowwith the impressive fight between Luffy Y Kaidoand certain revelations of what is happening in the world, it seems that the Straw hat they are ready to leave the country of the samurai. The first details of one piece chapter 1056 attest to it, but in this number there is something more impressive, something related to the pirate Buggy the Star Clown.

For those who don’t know, Buggy He was one of the first enemies of Luffyand the first to possess the power of a Akuma no Mi. What seemed like a forgettable character over time gained prominence and became a world-famous pirate. He was a pirate in the service of the government, one of the 7 Shichibukai. But after the government eliminated the system Shichibukaithe last that was known of him is that he had fled.

After the events of wanothe world of one piece underwent great changes, as 2 of the 4 pirates who had ruled the new world for years, known as YonkoThey had been defeated by the Straw hat and their allies. After those events, new yonkou were named, which together with the previous 2, Shank Y Marshall D Teachare currently the most powerful pirates in the world, Monkey D Luffy and the very Buggy the Clown.

New members of Buggy’s gang?

But the surprises do not end there, in One Piece 1056 it is found that the new Yonkou Buggy He has managed to get 2 great pirates to join his organization called Cross Guild, crocodile Y Dracula Mihawk2 old Shichibukai.

The leaks of the chapter of One Piece 1056 they do not give more detail, but it is certainly surprising that these 2 pirates join Buggy the Clown. mihawk He is a man who has always been seen alone, and in his time he had duels with one of the current Yonko, Shankso we are talking about a powerful pirate who does not require protection. crocodile he’s also a very powerful pirate, and he’s not the kind of man who would take orders from anyone, much less from anyone. Buggy. This union is really unlikely and we will have to wait for more information.

Buggy the Clown is putting together a very strong crew, what seemed like a character created for comic relief, is slowly gaining strength and his chances of finding the one piece and name Pirate king are increasing. One Piece 1056 It can be read officially on Sunday. If you are interested here is the link plus sleeve.

One Piece Straw Hat

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