You can now eat the Gomu Gomu fruit with this great One Piece cake

Devil Fruits are essential elements within the universe of one piece that give all sorts of exotic powers to the characters that eat them, and now a Japanese bakery is taking orders to create delicious versions of the very fruit Gomu Gomu that Luffy ate when he was a little boy.

On the occasion of monkey d luffy birthdaythe bakery presented their version of this Akuma no Mi has seen the light in the form of fruit cake. It is an accurate recreation of Eiichiro Oda’s original design including the purple color of the fruit along with the spiral patterns that form around this exotic fruit of the seas.

That is, instead of having a horrible taste, describes its creation as a dessert based on the popular “Marugoto Melon Cake”, one of the best sellers on its platform. The cake is prepared inside a melon shell and is very fluffy inside, it has melon pulp, strawberries and melon cream. The external part is covered in purple chocolate to look like the fruit that gave Luffy his powers. The only inedible part is the stem of the fruit.


It definitely looks like such a delicious cake that even Big Mom herself couldn’t resist trying it. Unfortunately, the only way they can eat this cake is by traveling to Japan, for obvious reasons. reservations for the Gomu-Gomu fruit cake They are already open and it has an approximate price of 2,009 Mexican pesos (13,000 yen).

Would you like to try Luffy’s Gomu Gomu Fruit Cake? one piece?


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