YouTube: this fat Youtubeur is censored for having analyzed One Piece, Dragon Ball, and other animes

In France, many YouTube channels intended to analyze and criticize the publication of the latest films, series, animes, or the latest scans of One Piece, Dragon Ball Super Where My Hero Academia each week gather millions of fans eager to share and confront their feelings. But beware, Japan does not hear it that way, and hardens its law.

150 videos censored in a few days

In the United States, a YouTuber by the name of Mark Fitzpatrick, who manages the popular YouTube channel Totally Not Mark posts its popular anime reviews like One Piece, Naruto Where Hunter x Hunter. Through video montages and a voice-over, the YouTuber dissects each episode to deliver his analysis.

But now, like a crumbling house of cards, Mark Fitzpatrick has just received no less than 150 copyright infringement claims. These come from Toei Animation Co., Ltd, a production company of Japanese animated films and series, behind the rights to the series. Dragon Ball Where One Piece for example.

“For the past twenty-four hours, I have sat in disbelief, shock and grief as my life’s work has been unfairly taken from me,” comments Mark in his latest video, released in response to Toei who generated more than 430,000 views in less than 24 hours.

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Indeed, according to him, no less than 150 of his videos were censored in just a few days. “Two nights ago, I received an email informing me that fifteen of my videos had been claimed and blocked by Toei Animation. An hour later, that number rose to twenty-eight. And when I woke up this morning the number jumped to 150 videos“he continues.

According to the YouTuber, this number is equivalent to approximately three years of work and evaporated income : “as a result, the main source of income for my business is now goneWhat’s more, Mark blurted out that Toei had asked him to promote his productions in the past. Also, several of the YouTube videos didn’t feature any music videos, but manga illustrations and explanations of how to draw mangakas. .

Here is the video in question.

The Toei Witch Hunt

We know that the Japanese manga industry has toughened its laws against the digital distribution of its works. In this context, in early April, a Tokyo court , for example, considered that the unauthorized publication of parts of a manga constituted an infringement of copyright. For example, a “spoiler site” has indeed broadcast many boards of the manga Kengan Omega, published by Shogakugan, that is to say 63 volumes downloaded and distributed on the said site, without any authorization.

What about anime and scan-trads already published and broadcast by YouTube channels? Mark Fitzpatrick’s attempts to monetize have undoubtedly caught the eye of Toei, who increasingly seems to be witch hunts. Like the very promising channel of a certain Stefano Lattanzio, who aimed to draw a sequel to Sailor Moon, and which was censored this summer. Through this affair, we notice that the fight against the dissemination and illegal monetization of scan-trades and animated segments extends more internationally, and therefore on the American channel of Mark Fitzpatrick to 619,000 subscribers.