Zoro belongs to the Clan of D.!

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Could the mystery behind Zoro simply boil down to his membership of the Shimozuki clans? It’s possible that there are far more important things about to be revealed.

The reason why we are convinced that Zoro is a Shimotsuki is that earlier in Wano, Oda had Kawamatsu say that Shimotsuki were known for their toughness. As we know, Zoro is a badass who always endured tough trials before moving on to the next mission/obstacle. For example, Mihawk slashed him diagonally across the chest, holding back just enough to allow Zoro to live, Kuma subjected Zoro to the pain Luffy endured during his fight against Moria. At Onigashima, he not only withstood the weight of a combined attack from Kaido and Big Mom, an attack that encompassed the majority of Onigashima, but he did so long enough to allow his fellow fighters the worst generation to escape the attack, despite serious injuries.

Oda also put together a few lines ofplot for the end of Wano. Zoro wants to go to Ryuma’s grave to pay his respects. Also, Shimotsuki Ryuma has the same figure and type of injury as Zoro.

  • Shimotsuki Yasuie is the person Zoro hung out with in Wano.
  • Ringo is where Ryuma’s grave is.
  • Ringo is where Ushimaru and Gyukimaru ruled as Daimyo and partner.
  • Tenguyama Hitetsu holds the Nidai Kitetsu for someone. Oda/Luffy teased Zoro with the Nidai Kitetsu.

We know how much Oda respects and treats the character of Zoro:

  • Fight with Hawkins
  • Against Killer
  • Fight Denjiro
  • Receive Enma
  • Meet Hiyori, Oden’s daughter
  • Fight Apoo
  • Unlock Conqueror’s Haki
  • Hurt Kaido
  • Endure Hakai
  • Fight King
  • etc In progress

We got a glimpse of Zoro’s past early in the story, when he was 7 or 8 years old. Much like Luffy, we didn’t know much before that or how he ended up at the East Blue. Why would Oda wait 1000 chapters to reveal more about the past of the second most important character in One Piece, and the most discussed/debated character in One Piece.

The D-clan

Zoro is revealed to be a member of Clan D. at some point in the series. Yasuie was therefore unaffected by the SMILEs. Guess how he died? Yasuie was a Shimotsuki. Shimotsuki means Frost Moon or Frost Month. Zoro was born in the month of November, or the month of the Frost Moon.

The Kozuki clan also has strong ties to the moon. Tsuki means moon. The Wano samurai were waiting for the Kozuki clan. They adorned themselves with a crescent moon on their ankles.

wanp tattoo

We know that members of D. die with a smile. We know that the lives of their members are complicated. For example, the past of Law, Luffy and Blackbeard was difficult. Law and Luffy were raised without parents for the majority of their lives and sought out piracy as a way to seek freedom.

Momonosuke has the same characteristics as them. Since then he has been propelled from calamity to calamity and even participated as a general in a devastating war for his country. In our opinion, Shimotsuki and Kozuki are members of D. Oden died with a smile, Yasu died with a smile, and Momonosuke had a turbulent life. The fight with Ryuma, the defeat, and receiving Shusui was kind of a passing of the torch. The time Zoro spent with Shimotsuki Yasuie and the bond they formed was Zoro’s opportunity to spend time with his “extended” family. Then Oda made it all go away with Yasu’s execution, giving Zoro personal reasons to fight Kaido or anyone who got in his way to free Wano.

Oda wouldn’t create these important storylines on a whim.

“In some places the clan of Gd has been called by another name, the sworn enemy of God. »

According to Sengoku, members of the Will of the D. live under a doom spell.
The Will of Gd brings the dawn and turns the world upside down.


Whiskey Peaks, 100 bounty hunters defeated by one man under the crescent moon;
Zoro’s kimono in Wano’s Rising Sun;

  • Zoro does not believe in God;
  • Asura is a manifest power of the devil or a demon;
  • Zoro wants his name to reach the Heavens;
  • Ryuma’s name reverberates throughout Wano and was enough to make Akainu hesitate to enter Wano.
akainu wano
  • The other navies and the world government did not enter Wano for centuries, until today;
  • Ryuma essentially protected Wano from the World Government during his lifetime, enough to spread fear that reverberates centuries after his death.

“Those with the ‘D’ in their name seem to be able to withstand an incredible degree of injury in battle and only surrender to death when they know it is truly unavoidable. »
Zoro fits that description perfectly.

Another thing is the smile.

  • Ace died with a smile
  • Roger died with a smile.
  • Yasu died with a smile.
  • Saul “died” with a smile.
  • Luffy about to die with Buggy smiled.
  • Zoro about to die with Arlong smiled.