Zorojuro becomes a woman with this amazing One Piece cosplay | Spaghetti Code

As if we needed more evidence that Zoro is one of the favorite characters of one piece in the current Wano arc, the next cosplay made sammyscosplay (Twitter) transformed his alter ego as “Zorojuro” into a beautiful ronin with a more than amazing result.

After arriving in Wano Country, each of the “mugis” changed their name and appearance to blend in with the locals. In the case of the moss head, Zoro was renamed “Zorojuro”, a Ronin who travels alone between different districts of the samurai nation.

Swordswoman of Wano, Zorojuro | Photo: sammyscosplay (twitter)

the finish of sammycosplay as ZoroJuro looks extraordinaryespecially since it is full of details that identify the Straw Hat swordsman, including the scars on his chest (Arlong Park), ankles (Little Garden) and the left eye after his 2-year training when he -presumably- became blind.

We still don’t know if Zoro was left with only one good eye, but the characterization that Sammycosplay leaves on the character by exposing his open eye gives him an even more intimidating air for the well-known “pirate hunter”. There are many theories about what really happened with his eye, but in this case it is best to “see to believe” (literally).

Zorojuro’s alter ego finally disappeared now that the alliance between the Straw Hats and Wano’s swordsmen arrived on the island of Onigashima, especially now that One Piece already set a return date for the anime and is about to return to normal transmissions.

what did you think of this cosplay Zorojuro’s one piece?


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