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Naruto: The perfect pokémon companion of each member of Akatsuki

The world of Naruto it’s packed with memorable ninjas, from heroes like Naruto and Sasuke…

ByByMabel WhiteheadSeptember 3, 2021

One Piece: 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the most underrated arc (& 5 is Skypiea)

The universe ofOne Piece is famous for its impressive and memorable story arcs. From the…

ByByNadine LewisSeptember 3, 2021

Tokyo Revengers: Author Reveals Unpublished Details About The Origin Of The Manga And Its Inspirations

Tokyo Revengers: Author reveals unpublished details about the origin of the manga and its inspirations…

ByByAngela BeverlySeptember 3, 2021

Demon Slayer anime will return with additional content |

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 2/09/2021 2:24 pm As in many manga to anime adaptations,…

ByByVincent HughesSeptember 3, 2021