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Tokyo revengers, chapter 22: new episode reveals its first images

This Thursday, September 2, the official account in Twitter from the animated adaptation of Tokyo…

ByByAngela BeverlySeptember 2, 2021

The anime attack on Titan Flipbook took 400 hours to complete

Levi and Kenny face off in one of the most exciting scenes in Attack on…

ByByVincent HughesSeptember 2, 2021

Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, 5 differences and 5 similarities with Endeavor

The anime and manga shonen My Hero Academia from Kohei Horikoshi It has quickly become…

ByBySarah KidderSeptember 2, 2021

Megami Ryou no Ryoubo-kun episode 8 english sub online: where and when to see the full episode

The anime summer season 2021 started in Japan in the first week of July. Different…

ByByAngela BeverlySeptember 2, 2021