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Tokyo Revengers reaches new sales brand – Nintendo Universe

The latest sales of the Tokyo Revengers manga are revealed, though it seems things have…

ByByAngela BeverlySeptember 2, 2021

“Demon Slayer”. “Candyman” and “Reminiscence” are some: Know the movies that are in theaters and you can see in the cinema

With a progressive return to normality, the cinema once again positioned itself as an ideal…

ByByVincent HughesSeptember 2, 2021

Glitch: Does Shingeki no Kyojin need a new ending? | EarthGamer

The end of Shingeki no Kyojin has been announced, the final episodes will arrive from…

ByByCharles GibbonsSeptember 2, 2021

My Hero Academia censors Momo’s controversial suit in new video game

My Hero Academia He has dealt with his share of the drama to date, and…

ByBySarah KidderSeptember 2, 2021