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El presidente de MBS comentó sobre una posible secuela de Jujutsu Kaisen

La emisora ​​japonesa MBS realizó una conferencia de prensa en línea donde el presidente de…

ByByMartha BacchusJan 27, 2022

Attack On Titan Cosplay Presents Mikasa’s Final Season TechRadar

While Eren Jaeger has changed astronomically in the final season of The attack of the…

ByByCharles GibbonsJan 27, 2022

This is how Quentin Tarantino influenced the Naruto manga

Kishimoto admitted to being quite a movie buff and this inspired him to create some…

ByByMabel WhiteheadJan 27, 2022

El opening

El nuevo opening de Attack on Titan anime, “The Rumbling”, ya puso a retumbar al…

ByByCharles GibbonsJan 27, 2022