🎮 The toys you must keep to be a millionaire

  • If you want to “bet” on a business that gives you a lot of money, do it on toys. It is not a joke.
  • Save your children’s because the nostalgia factor will cause prices to skyrocket decades from now.
  • Here are some that could become prized collectors’ items.
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Remember the Furbys that made a splash in the late 1990s? Early models are now being sold on eBay or similar markets for thousands of pesos. Or the oldest Pokémon cards? You can make huge amounts of money if you learn to put away the toys of your younger children or family members.

The most iconic models, over the years, reach very high figures thanks to the nostalgia factor and to collectors, who will not hesitate to pay anything to complete the set.

That is why it is always a good idea to keep toys safe.

Right now it may just be bits of plastic taking up space in your closet or living room. But decades from now, they will become small fortunes, especially if you keep them in good condition.

Here are some very popular teen toys or accessories today that are likely to be coveted years from now. Take note and do not let anyone throw them away.

1.Funko Pop

Funko are vinyl figures that gained popularity when they began to represent characters from popular or famous series and movies in general.

Although many versions are mass produced, there are some limited edition ones that could be worth a fortune in 10 or 20 years.

Especially save the Funko that your child got at events.

For example, at the time of writing this article, the Mickey Mouse Funko that was sold during the 2011 D23 special event can be worth more than 2,000 euros, which is around 41,928 pesos, (according to eBay listings). This price will rise higher and higher over the decades.


In the early 2000s, Lego began to release sets based on popular franchises such as “Harry Potter”, Marvel, DC, even special (and very expensive) constructions of more adult-focused series, such as “James Bond” or ” Friends”.

These are the kind of toy editions that you should save in case they go up in price in the future.

For example, today a special edition of the Millennium Falcon (ship of “Star Wars”) can be sold for almost 12,000 euros (more than 251,000 pesos), while a very rare package with “Black Panther” and “Doctor Strange” (two Marvel superheroes) can be sold for more than 9,500 euros (around 200,000 pesos).

If your child has a similar set that they no longer use, take care of it!

3. Nintendo 3DS (console and video games)

In the summer of 2023, Nintendo will definitively close the virtual store to digitally buy games from the legendary 3DS handheld.

That means that the only way to acquire titles for this console, without resorting to piracy, will be to buy them on the second-hand market (since it is increasingly rare to find 3DS games in physical stores).

Truth be told, prices are already skyrocketing. The rhythm game “Rhythm Thief” is sold for more than 4,000 euros (83,856 pesos) in eBayY Super Mario 3D Land is also around those prices.

The same thing is happening with the console itself; as it is no longer sold in stores, the cost of its limited editions are “going up like foam”.

4. Board games (especially those financed with patronage)

One of the side effects of the global lockdown was the rise of board games.

Logical: people, having to stay at home, needed nice items with which to spend good times with the family.

This has sparked a new craze where companies fund elaborate board games with lots of pieces through patronage sites like kickstarter.

It is precisely these board games that you should keep like gold in cloth, without missing a single piece or manual.

For example, the complete set of “Tainted Grail” is sold for 1,200 euros (25,157 pesos) in eBay And it’s only two years old.

Kickstarter editions of “Zombicide” also around these prices. What will happen when these games are much rarer in 10 or 20 years?

5. Anime trading cards (such as “Dragon Ball” or “One Piece”)

First edition “Pokémon” or “Magic” cards (from the 1990s) are worth a fortune today.

The problem is that the newer versions of these two games don’t usually fetch such huge financials, so you’re already late if your kid has started collecting them.

Now, for a couple of years, anime-based trading cards have become fashionable.

The most popular game nowadays is “Dragon Ball”. Also, in a few months the cards of “One Piece” will be put on sale.

It is one of the toys that you should keep if your child decides to get into one of them because, in two decades, their first cards and decks could be worth a lot of money.

6. Superhero dolls (especially from Marvel)

When “Avengers: Endgame” premiered in the spring of 2019, it was feared that the “fever” for superhero movies would die down.

However, the record figures for recent releases such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” point to the opposite. The interest in Marvel products not only continues, but has practically only just begun.

Has your daughter bought any figure of these characters? Look especially if they belong to the Hot Toys brand because they are one of the most sought after (and whose prices will continue to rise).

For example, the “Iron Man Mark III” figure currently sells for 1,300 euros (27,253 pesos) on eBay. How much will a “Spider-Man” or a “Scarlet Witch” be worth in a few years?

7. McDonald’s “Happy Meal” toys

In the summer of 2021, McDonald’s announced a major and permanent change to its “Happy Meal”: classic toys will be phased out to reduce the franchise’s use of plastic.

These toys will gradually be replaced by alternatives created with more sustainable materials.

What does that mean for you? That you should save all the Happy Meal toys from the last few years, especially if you happen to have complete sets.

In a few years, when these types of objects are a thing of the past, their prices will skyrocket. Think that, right now, a rare Furby set costs almost 1,000 euros (20,964 pesos) in eBay.

8. “My little Pony”

This famous pony franchise was born in 1983 and enjoyed enormous popularity throughout that decade and much of the 1990s.

Since 2015 they live a second “golden era” thanks to “The Magic of Friendship”, an animated series that has featured movies, video games and subseries.

As a result of the series, all current generation “My Little Pony” toys have “dyes” that can net you a small fortune when you save a few.

For reference, the old sets They can be sold perfectly between 2,000 to 4,000 euros (41,928 to 83,856 pesos).

9. Toys and objects on “Baby Shark”

“Baby Shark” remains the most viewed video on YouTube, with 10 billion views and counting.

The origin of this popular children’s song is curious: it is believed that it was born from the movie “Jaws”; it has much darker versions with sharks devouring sailors.

The important thing is that there is a good chance that, in a few years, all the toys, objects and accessories related to “Baby Shark” (backpacks, rattles, microphones, figures, board games, t-shirts, coloring books, to name a few) end up having more value.

Your years spent listening to this tune will have been worth it.

10. “Paw Patrol”

This Canadian series has been a reference for children since its premiere in 2013.

Every week young Ryder and his troop of rescue pups embark on a mission. Thanks to the charisma of these dogs, the Spin Master company has developed a small empire of toys inspired by “Paw Patrol”.

Your mission for now is not to “put out a fire” like these dogs would, but to put these toys away when your child is tired of playing with them.

Within a decade or two, they could be selling for such high prices that you’ll end up saying “wow!”.

11. First volumes of youth manga

Every “two for three” headlines appear about copies of early “Superman” or “Spider-Man” comics that end up selling at tremendously high prices.

The problem? That very few new heroes come out today. Also, American comics have been rebooted so many times, and there are so many different issue ones, that it’s no longer advisable to go into this industry if you’re starting from scratch.

The thing changes with the sleeves. In recent years, many youth manga have appeared that have outsold productions such as “Naruto” or “One Piece”.

This is the case of “Night Watch”, “Tokyo Revengers” or “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

Make sure your child takes care of the first volumes of these manga because in a few years they could be the equivalent of issue number one of Spider-Man.

12. Hatchimals

In 2016, the Spin Master toy company released the first Hatchimals, magical creatures that hatch from eggs.

The fun starts from the acquisition of the egg, when the child still has no idea what kind of animal will come out of it.

Although the idea was good, Spin Master released these toys without much expectation.

Nobody expected that they would end up being the game of 2016 and that, as a result, any new batch would be sold out immediately.

Everything indicates that they will end up becoming the Furby in 15 to 25 years. So it’s worth giving your son a couple of them, in case they’re worth a small fortune later.

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