10 anime characters that are really cool

Most anime characters work tirelessly to improve their skill and strength, undergoing grueling training to overcome their limits and defeat any enemy. It’s a tough job, but those who don’t give up experience exponential growth.

However, coolness is not something that cannot be learned. You have it or you do not. What makes a character great can vary, but the most beloved characters are calm and collected in the face of anything. They stand out for their individualism and demand your attention whenever they appear on screen. They are usually fan favorites, with a significant number of followers.

10 Levi Ackerman never loses his composure (Attack on Titan)

Despite living in a world where humans are hunted by giant humanoid monsters called Titans, Captain Levi never seems to flinch. As an explorer, Levi is responsible for the progress of humanity, regularly encountering Titans and flirting with death. But none of that seems to bother him, as he remains stoic and cold even when outnumbered and outnumbered.

His coldness can be attributed in part to his overwhelming strength, as the Captain occupies the position of the strongest character. On Attack On Titan, it’s easy to stay relaxed when you can easily take on dozens of titans on your own.

9 Killua Zoldyck is a prodigious assassin and a genius of nen (Hunter X Hunter)1638783454 99 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters de Hunter X Hunter and possibly the most popular. Killua was born into the infamous Zoldyck family of assassins and is recognized as an individual with unlimited potential. Throughout his journey with Gon, Killua has excelled at learning Nen and perfecting his craft. His teacher, Wing, claimed that his talent is only found in one in 10 million people.

Killua possesses a calm and collected demeanor that defies his age. They often put their emotions aside and formulate their plans from a pragmatic point of view. Many of Killua’s victories have required little effort and the young hunter has beaten his opponents with both hands in his pockets.

8 Nothing has made a dent in Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)1638783455 102 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Itachi Uchiha from Naruto he was different from almost all other shinobi. His screen time was limited, but memorable, and Itachi’s fights were focused more on dialogue than on the battle itself. Possessing uncommon wisdom for someone so young, Itachi made his opponents reflect on themselves and their motivations, and left viewers wondering who the real villain was.

The prodigy Uchiha possessed a unique skill set and his perfection in Genjutsu caused most of his fighting to take place within the mind. A memorable and undoubtedly great moment took place during his battle with Sasuke, in which his younger brother believed that he had killed Itachi, only to discover that he was sitting on his throne, revealing that Sasuke had fallen prey to an illusion.

7 Sukuna does not care about sorcerers or cursed spirits (Jujutsu Kaisen)1638783455 948 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

The Sukuna ofJujustu KaisenHe is the physical embodiment of evil and is willing to slaughter anyone, even women and children. So it’s hard to admit that the King of Curses possesses a cool aura that makes him an endearing character. Aside from her supreme power, what makes Sukuna so fascinating is her whimsical existence.

Despite being a curse, Sukuna does not ally with them. He only seems interested in having fun and causing mayhem, and is a disloyal enigma that demands the full attention of viewers whenever he appears on screen. Sukuna doesn’t listen to anyone, and that’s what makes him so cool.

6 Mikey, 15, is the leader of a gang and the undisputed strongest character (Tokyo Revengers)1638783455 661 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Mikey is the leader of the Tokyo Manji gang and his fearsome reputation has earned him the title “Iron Mikey”. As a martial arts prodigy, with kicks that can dent a car, Mikey’s combat prowess has helped him climb the ranks and he is highly respected among the many gangs in Tokyo. But it’s his leadership and unique personality that makes him so great and has rewarded him with hundreds of loyal fans.

Mikey lacks the arrogance of other gang leaders in Tokyo Revengers and he remains a compassionate boy and fiercely loyal to his loved ones. His friendship with Draken and Baji proves that a gang leader can be kind even in a ruthless world.

5 Giyu Tomioka is one of the few open-minded Demon Slayer1638783455 872 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Giyu has all the makings of a typical anime cool boy: powerful, calm, mysterious, and stoic. Unlike most of the characters in the Demon series Slayer , Giyu maintains an open mind despite the black and white nature of her work. Demons have terrorized the world for thousands of years and are accepted by the Demon Slayers as the greatest evil there is. There is no need to forgive any demon, listen to it, or negotiate with it.

However, seeing Nezuko’s love for her brother even in his demonic form, Giyu decides to forgive her, remaining open to the idea that not all demons are evil. He even agrees to commit suicide if Nezuko harms a human, further cementing his belief in Nezuko.

4 Shanks is a charismatic pacifist and one of the four emperors (One Piece)1638783455 172 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Shanks is a unique character among the violent and power-hungry pirates who occupy the world of One Piece . The red-haired pirate is a pacifist at heart, as evidenced by his intervention during Marineford, where he stopped the war and insisted that no more blood was needed.

Furthermore, Shanks managed to convince Kaido not to attack at Marineford, probably saving countless lives in the process. Her charismatic personality can bend even the most serious men and get them to join in on the fun. Despite being one of the four strongest pirates, Shanks is well liked throughout One Piece.

3 Vegeta is known for his epic speeches (Dragon Ball Z)1638783456 734 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Every time Vegeta of Dragon BallZ talks, everyone listens to him. The Saiyan Prince is a gifted orator who weaves his immeasurable pride into epic speeches and passionate monologues. Before defeating his opponent, he tells him why he has lost and what makes him superior.

If he is on the brink of defeat, Vegeta reminds his enemy how foolish it is to doubt the strength of the Saiyans before pushing their limits once more. His serious and deep personality contrasts with Goku’s carefree and goofy character, and is what makes him a fan favorite. Although Goku is stronger, Vegeta is indisputably cooler.

2 Yami Sukehiro appreciates the magical outcasts of the Clover Kingdom (Black Clover)1638783456 716 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Yami Sukehiro exudes freshness and class. His dark magic is interesting and one of the few that is effective against demons. Yami possessed a natural talent for magic and rose rapidly through the ranks to become captain of the Magic Knights, alongside the royalty of the Kingdom of Clover.

But its most endearing feature is the acceptance of magicians discarded by the rest of society. The Black Bulls are a group of misfits and outcasts with a different but powerful magic. Under Yami’s leadership, they have grown into a family and one of the strongest squads in the Kingdom.

1 Makishsima preserved his individualism in a society that imposed conformity (Psycho-Pass)1638783456 412 10 anime characters that are really cool.webp

Makishima was the main antagonist of the first season of Psycho-Pass and one of the most compelling villains in anime history. He was criminally asymptomatic, which means that the Sibyl System was incapable of detecting any criminal intent, so his crimes often went unpunished. Despite being guilty of murder, Makishima’s words resonated with fans and characters alike, making him relatable and popular.

The criminal complex only wanted a world of free-thinking individuals rather than the conformist and unquestionable robots that the Sibyl System created. His dream was understandable; their methods, questionable.