10 anime characters with an INFP personality type

In the world of anime, fans can rank their favorite characters in every possible way and find out which characters they like the most or even which characters they identify with. Sort anime characters into Hogwarts houses or find out their lineup from Dungeons and Dragons it’s a good start, but there’s also the MBTI, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, test.

There are 16 such personalities, each with a unique code, and the INFP personality is the Mediator, a kind and compassionate person who strives to connect with and understand others. Mediators are empathetic, insightful, patient, and kind, and they just want to help everyone get along and understand each other.

10 Tohru Honda will help whoever needs it (Fruit basket)

TohruHonda is the heroine of shojo Fruits Basket, which tells the story of the cursed Sohma family and their dramatic fight against their zodiacal curse and against each other. Tohru Honda has elements of the Ombudsman and Defender personality types, which means that she always puts others first.

Mediators like Tohru are quick to intervene on behalf of others and help everyone reach an understanding and build bridges to keep the peace. Many times in Fruits Basket, Tohru will listen carefully to a person’s needs and emotions, and then find a way to help them and repair their relationships with others, including Arisa Uotani and Hanajima, among many others.

9 Takemichi Hanagaki must keep everyone happy (Tokyo Revengers)1639301536 625 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

At first glance, the juvenile delinquent Takemichi looks like a totally different person than Tohru Honda, a tough boy with dyed hair who fights other thugs on the streets. But that’s just a facade. Actually, Takemichi is a gentle and kind boy who does not have a delinquent bone in his body, unlike Mikey and Draken.

Takemichi’s mission is to go back to 2005 and make peace among the many friends, rivals, and foes of the Tokyo gang underworld, and it’s helped by being a naturally kind and empathetic person who truly wants to help others. Only then can he save Hinata’s life.

8 Avatar Aang defends peace (Avatar: the Last Airbender)1639301536 246 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

Strictly speaking, three-dimensional heroes like Avatar Aang embody several MBTI personality types at once, such as Mediator, Defender, and Protagonist. However, Aang is primarily a Mediator at heart, and is only a Protagonist due to his duty to save the world and fight evil.

Aang may be a skilled fighter, but he prefers peace and diplomacy, and he wants to make sure that everyone is heard and understands his needs. That’s the Mediator’s style, and he even does this favor for Zuko, like when he rescued him while he was disguised as Blue Spirit.

7 Naoya Nifuji loves to help others (Wotakoi)1639301536 260 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

Naoya Nifuji is another anime character who embodies a few similar MBTI types at once, including Mediator, Defender, and Consul, and his Mediator side has been shown more than once. In fact, it seems to be his defining trait, and he won’t be quiet until everyone is happy. He is certainly different from his brother, Hirotaka.

Naoya is quick to cheer up others and understands their needs, and is popular due to his sharp social skills and gentle personality. For example, when Ko Sakuragi is upset or agitated, Naoya will drop everything to support her. Whenever there is an argument or someone is upset, Naoya will be there to help.

6 Hitohito Tadano can understand anyone’s heart (Komi cannot communicate)1639301536 8 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

Sometimes Hitohito Tadano is teased for being boring and forgettable, and even storytelling Komi Can’t Communicate mocks him for it. However, the simple Hitohito Tadano has many things going for him, most notably his telepathic empathy and personal insights. This has surprised his classmates at school more than once.

Hitohito’s mediator side comes up whenever Shoko Komi and her mutual friends have a misunderstanding or are upset, and Hitohito can quickly learn everyone’s perspective and find a way to fix everything. Most of Hitohito’s actions and thoughts have to do with Shoko’s happiness and maintaining everyone’s social ties.

5 Hiyori Iki takes care of everyone’s relationships (Noragami)1639301536 375 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

Hiyori Iki is sometimes a Protagonist when the story calls for it, but in general, she prefers to talk things out and help everyone get along and understand each other. When it comes to Yato and Yukine, for example, Hiyori always acts as a true mediator.

Hiyori is only happy when everyone else is happy, and killing the ayakashi is a distant second priority for her. She is willing to do anything to fix a damaged or dysfunctional relationship and help everyone get along and cheer up. He is also an empathetic person who can quickly predict when someone is going to get angry.

4 Azusa Aizawa is the mother of the whole world (I have been slaying slimes for 300 years and have surpassed my level)1639301537 601 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

Azusa Aizawa is an isekai heroine who does not dream of killing the demon king or building her own nation or a reverse harem. In fact, she became friends with the demon king, and has created a group of friends and foster daughters, not lovers. She wanted the easy life, and she got it.

Azusa is a true mediator whenever her colorful friends are in trouble or upset, and Azusa rushes to rescue them no matter what. He also likes to talk and negotiate, and he helped the Red and Blue Dragon tribes reach an agreement. Thus, she became friends with Laika and Flatorte and made their rivalry healthier.

3 Rimuru Tempest has gathered many tribes (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)1639301537 648 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

Rimuru Tempest is many things: isekai hero, fighter, politician, friend, Demon Lord and more, and embodies various MBTI personalities accordingly. His most defined personality type is not that of Protagonist or Consul, but rather that of Mediator, and this is how he built his own nation from scratch.

Rimuru can fight, and he often does, but diplomacy is his greatest asset in this savage isekai world. Through clever and empathetic diplomacy, Rimuru has brought together many warring tribes and groups, beginning with the goblins and direwolves. Then ogres, lizardmen, orcs, and dryads joined the crew.

2 Katarina Claes has embraced her mediator side (My next life as a villain)1639301537 687 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

By nature, Katarina Claes is more of the Entertainer personality type, a whimsical and fun person who really lives in the moment, and that makes her a lot of fun to watch. Also, Katarina has a reputation for being dense, while Mediators are the complete opposite. But the circumstances demand something else.

Katarina must use her diplomatic skills to ensure that all the inhabitants of the world of Lovers of Fortune be happy and satisfied with your lives and relationships, which means that Katarina has strengthened herself as a Mediator to build healthy and meaningful relationships with each other. Despite being so dense, she goes out of her way to take care of her friends, and doesn’t let anyone hold a grudge or suffer alone.

1 Futaro Uesugi keeps the five sisters happy (The quintessential quintuplets)1639301537 113 10 anime characters with an INFP personality type.webp

During a study session, Futaro may not seem like a Mediator, as he quickly loses his temper and is not afraid to scold the five Nakano sisters if they are not serious about their studies. However, at heart he is a true Mediator and Defender, a boy who always puts others first.

Futaro might be a tightrope at times, but he does his best to keep the five Nanako sisters happy, and if any drama arises between them, he will do his best to fix that relationship right away. You need everyone to agree, and that makes you a good mediator.