10 anime heroes who lost their cool (and why)

The world of anime is very wide and there are heroes of all kinds. Some are totally hotheaded while others are known to remain calm, and some anime heroes are whimsical and fun-loving while others are more calculating and patient. But even if an anime hero or a secondary hero falls into a clear category, they are not always so superficial.

Every now and then, a disinterested hero can be surprisingly selfish, for example, or an impatient hero can finally show some restraint. On the other hand, there are cool-headed anime heroes who can lose their patience and lose control, often if provoked or if someone they love is threatened. Who are the ten anime leads or secondary heroes who finally lose their cool like that?

10 when Light Yagami met L in To-Oh (Death Note)

In general, the brilliant Light Yagami is known for maintaining his wits, and does not easily give away emotions such as anger, fear, impatience, or even disgust. This is vital in the battle of wits against Detective L, but at one point, Light couldn’t help himself.

L boldly enrolled in the same university as Light, and introduced himself as such. Light realized that he had been outwitted, and now L was protected from Light’s efforts to kill him. Upon returning home, Light threw a brief tantrum in his room, and even his shinigami friend Ryuk was shocked.

9 when Gray thought Juvia had just died (Fairy Tail)1637574482 391 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Gray Fullbuster is an ice wizard, and he tends to have a cool, distant exterior to match, though his heart isn’t exactly frozen. Gray values ​​his friends very much, and little by little he has grown fond of his enthusiastic admirer, the water magician Juvia Lockser. At the end of the story of Fairy Tail, they fought together against a villain named Invel Yura.

Invel cruelly bound Gray and Juvia with ice, demanding that one kill the other to be free. Juvia sacrificed herself for Gray and Gray, enraged, attacked Invel with all his might. Fortunately, Juvia barely survived and Wendy Marvell helped stabilize her.

8 when Ulquiorra Schiffer taunted Ichigo for capturing Orihime (Bleach)1637574482 181 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Ichigo Kurosaki normally tries to stay calm, and is a kind of male tsundere at times. However, he is surprisingly easy to provoke if people threaten his friends or make fun of him in the appropriate way. At Las Noches, Ichigo met Ulquoirra Schiffer, the 4th Sword, and at first, Ichigo didn’t even want to fight him.

Then, Ulquiorra told Ichigo about his role in capturing Orihime Inoue, and Ichigo immediately lost his cool. He struck Ulquiorra in a rage, then launched a Getsuga Tensho with full force. Ulquiorra took a hit, but he soon turned the tables and forcefully defeated Ichigo. His taunt had worked.

7 when Izuku made his sincerest request to Shoto (My Hero Academia)1637574482 819 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Izuku Midoriya is a fearless and fearless student hero, but he’s also known for staying calm and thinking about how to get out of a bad situation. This makes him a model student, but when he took on Shoto Todoroki during the United States Sports Festival, things got personal.

Izuku couldn’t bear the sight of Shoto restraining himself on purpose, so he screamed, demanding that Shoto match him and go for it, regardless of the risks or the implications. A stunned Shoto accepted, and finally used his fire. This made him win the match in the end.

6 when Ken Kaneki hides to regain his strength (Tokyo Ghoul)1637574482 219 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Ken Kaneki is usually a polite and calm guy who just wants others to be safe and happy, and that hardly changed when he became a one-eyed ghoul. However, little by little, Ken learned to embrace his ghoul side, especially after suffering torture at the hands of Yamori, the Jason from District 13.

It didn’t take long for Ken to acquire a kakuja, the fruit of ghoul cannibalism, and surprised his allies and foes alike with his berserker powers. At one point, he ran into his friend Hide during a fight and bit him, recklessly determined to regain his strength and continue fighting by any means. Obviously, Ken was almost lost by then.

5 When Saitama lectured citizens and Tanktoppers about his heroic actions (One-Punch Man)1637574482 575 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Saitama, the bald-headed man in a cape, is normally a rather listless guy who is not overly upset by anything, nor does he fear any enemy or rival due to his impossible strength. On one occasion, he used a single punch to destroy a huge meteor that was falling on a city, but the pieces of the meteorite continued to cause serious damage in the rain.

Saitama was soon blamed for the outcome, even though he had averted a much worse disaster, and the Tanktoppers were his biggest critics. Saitama finally lost his patience and yelled at them, pointing out that he is a hero for fun, not obligation, and that the town should appreciate any effort on his part.

4 When Takemichi screamed during the scrap match (Tokyo Revengers)1637574483 401 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

For the most part, Takemichi Hanagaki is a quiet and meek boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, and somehow convinced him to join the brutal street gang Tokyo Manji, or Toman. He’s on a mission from the future, and he knew what was at stake. He doesn’t want to win any glory … he wants to protect innocent lives.

Takemichi couldn’t bear the sight of so much useless carnage during the battle with the Valhalla gang, and he lost his cool. He yelled in frustration, and the other gang members were shocked and a little intimidated. The other members of Toman found it inspiring, and Draken could hardly believe what was happening.

3 Cuando Yuji Itadori juró matar a Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen)1637574483 398 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Yuji Itadori is a tough but kind jujutsu warlock who wants with all his might to save other people from curses and save others whenever he can. After all, Yuji wants to live up to his grandfather’s last words. He meets a bullied boy named Junpei Yoshino, only for Junpei to side with the manipulative curse Mahito.

Mahito twisted Junpei and took advantage of his rage, then transformed him into a curse-like creature before killing him. An enraged Yuji swore to see Mahito dead, and Mahito was stunned by the absolute conviction in Yuji’s words and eyes. Yuji went crazy until Mahito managed to escape.

2 when the Sandbenders kidnapped Appa (Avatar: the Last Airbender)1637574483 369 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

In general, Avatar Aang is known for his patience and preference for diplomacy and peace, but if his friends are threatened he can lose his cool, and that’s what happened in Book Two: Earth. While Aang was in Wan Shi Tong’s buried library, the Sandbenders captured Appa, and Toph was unable to stop them.

Aang exploded with rage as he resurfaced and realized what had happened, and wandered the desert in vain to find Appa. When he encountered the Sandbenders, his rage caused him to enter the Avatar state, but he managed to calm down before hurting anyone. Then he got a clue, and set his sights on the city of Ba Sing Se.

1 when Alphonse Elric thought it was artificial (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)1637574483 827 10 anime heroes who lost their cool and why.webp

Alphonse Elric is the co-star along with his brother Edward, and for the most part, Al is known for keeping a cool head and being diplomatic, while Edward just loses his temper over everything. Every now and then, however, Alphonse can lose his cool as well, and for reasons Ed could never have.

At the beginning of the series, Al was convinced that he was actually an artificial being with false memories of a person. Al angrily confronted Ed about this when Ed absentmindedly commented that he envied Al’s body, that he doesn’t feel hungry or exhausted. Alphonse demanded to know the truth, and got angry and panicked. However, the brothers soon sorted it out.