10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible competition

Sometimes the great supply of anime means that some series do not receive the attention they deserve. Usually there are two or more series of similar genres that are broadcast at the same time. While each series has the potential to become a smash hit, the attention and hype that can be given is limited.

All of these anime series had engaging narrative and animation, or did something new for the medium, but were overshadowed by other popular works. Various anime series could have become massive hits if they had aired at another time.

10 Dororo had to face the second season of The Promised Neverland and Mob Psycho 100

Studio MAPPA has produced many successful anime titles in recent years. There are many reasons for the success of the study. However, many point to the great directors and animators who work for the studio. These talents are the ones who have created the dark historical fantasy series Dororo. Although Dororo is a manga and anime from the 60s, this new adaptation showed Hyakkimaru in a very different light.

Many of those who saw Dororo they were impressed by the series and considered it one of the best of the year. Nevertheless, Dororo aired at the same time as the first season of The Promised Neverland and the second season of the much appreciated Mob Psycho 100. These two series became much more popular than Dororo by offering world-building and captivating fights, which are two reasons many also saw Dororo .

9 Vivy: The Fluorite Eye song had to face 86 and Tokyo Revengers1633177662 916 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

When the creators of Re:Zero associated with the acclaimed WIT study, the public assumed that Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song it would be a very successful anime. Those who saw Vivy : Fluorite Eye’ s Song praised the series for its dark and complex characters.

However, even with impressive animation and well thought out character writing, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song was not a highly talked about series. 86 was another new anime title that received similar praise, but failed to achieve general success. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’ s Song had a lot of competition in the drama department, especially with the hit series Tokyo Revengers.

8 the Space Dandy confronted Noragami1633177663 272 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

Shinichiro Watanabe was coming off a hit streak with anime Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Many expected thatthe science fiction series Space Dandy from Shinichiro Watanabe was another great success. Although it was well received by fans, the series did not take off as many expected.

During thesame season in which it was broadcast Space Dandy, it was also broadcast on televisionthe anime noragami. Noragami had action and comedy that audiences could also see on Space Dandy. Noragami it also used many shonen tropes, which allowed it to be more accessible than Space Dandy .

7 Nomad: Megalo Box 2 took on My Hero Academia Season 51633177663 245 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

There are numerous anime series that get a sequel or continuation seasons. When Megalo Box first aired, fans praised the series for capturing the look and feel of previous boxing anime. Of course, the exoskeletons that appear in the series allowed Megalo Box differentiate yourself from other sports anime.

For this reason, anime fans were delighted to learn that Megalo Box would have a continuation season. However, when Nomad: Megalo Box 2 aired, My Hero Academia it also presented its fifth season. While the fifth season of My Hero Academia received mixed reviews, the series is better known and stole the limelight from animes like Nomad : Megalo Box 2.

6 Welcome to the School of Demons! Iruma-Kun took on Sword Art Online and Food Wars1633177663 487 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

Iruma’s adventures in the School of Demons were very lively and left mostly positive reactions among members of the public. Many were happy with the change of scenery of the School of Demons, which goes from being a typical Japanese school to one full of magical powers. Unfortunately, Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun aired during the same season as Sword Art Online and Food Wars.

In 2019, both Sword Art Online What Food Wars they were two of the most popular series broadcast. For this reason, despite being well received as a fantasy comedy, Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-Kun It couldn’t be more popular than the other two already successful series.

5 86 He also took on My Hero Academia and Tokyo Revengers1633177663 234 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

86 It is one of the best received mecha series of the 21st century. It has a unique and engaging world, which the creators combine with some exciting mecha fights. 86 it’s a winning combination and it should have been a resounding success.

However, although 86 was acclaimed, the Tokyo series Revengers and its emphasis on teen gangs stole much of the limelight in the spring of 2021. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Revengers popularity was not the only factor that caused 86 get lost in the rest of the anime season. Several prominent action series premiered during spring 2021, making it difficult for 86 became a resounding success.

4 The click of the link was against his eternity1633177663 480 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

Link Clink is an engaging science fiction drama series. This combination of genres has created several hit anime in the past. Unfortunately, Link Click it did not receive much attention in the anime community. Much of the dialogue related to emotional animation went to To Your Eternity, and the fantasy / drama anime series became the focal point of emotional anime-related conversations for many viewers.

3 Say “I love you” faced Sakura-sou’s pet and my little monster1633177663 949 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

Fall 2012 was a very good season for romantic anime. If you look at the more focused romantic series, The Pet Girl Of Sakura-sou and My Little Monster were hugely successful. There was also the popular series Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.

These popular and well-regarded romantic series made Say “I Love’s success difficult. You “. Aunque Say ” I Love You “has a devoted fan base, the series did not attract the same number of viewers. One could point to the dramatic nature of the series and say that each of the other romantic anime of that season had more humor. Nonetheless, many romantic series like Say “I Love You “were never able to find a large audience.

2 Aho Girl se enfrentó a Tsuredure Children & Gamers!1633177664 477 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

ClearingGirl aired in the summer 2017 anime season. Sadly, for Aho Girl, there were several other rom-com anime airing at the same time. Tsuredure Children and Gamers! turned out to be comparable to Clearing Girl.

While all of these series had great comic and romantic moments, Aho Girl failed to stand out compared to the other comedy anime of that season. Some fans of the genre may attribute the difference in popularity to Yoshiko Hanabatake. As the protagonist of Aho Girl, Yoshiko may be exaggerated. At times, its comedic nature alienates viewers from the series. While the other comedy series feature wacky characters and moments, some were more restrained than others.

1 Astra Lost In Space se enfrentó a Dr. Stone y Fire Force1633177664 433 10 anime that should have been hits but had impossible.webp

Astra Lost in Space is one of the most underrated anime series of the 2010s. The series is a space epic packed with action, suspense and adventure. The series received praise from fans for its characterizations, world-building, and unique narrative. However, all of these attributes were not enough to drive the success of Astra Lost in Space.

Several other shonen series aired during the same time as Astra Lost in Space was on television. Two of the most outstanding series of that season were Dr. Stone and Fire Force. These two anime were able to attract a larger audience than Astra Lost. in Space and sadly the space epic went largely unnoticed.