10 anime villains without superpowers

The anime world is full of terrifying, powerful and memorable villains, notably Madara Uchiha, Captain Sosuke Aizen, Captain Blackbeard and Cell. Villains with supernatural abilities will always be a formidable challenge, but what about villains without supernatural powers?

These villains rely on cunning, deception, manipulation, and perhaps advanced technology to achieve their goals, and many of them are downright chilling as they could perfectly exist in real life. Many memorable and exciting anime villains don’t need chi or jutsu to fight; They just need your fists, your hacking skills, your investigative skills, or even your culinary talents to demolish the hero.

10 Near was the detective who defeated Kira (Death Note)

Shortly after the fall of the great detective L, a mysterious boy who called himself Near arrived, and who had a mission: to finish off Kira once and for all. He was an ally of Mello, but unlike Mello, he never used the Death Notes. He had other tools at his disposal.

Near suffered a few setbacks at first, and couldn’t easily keep up with Light passing his notebook to Teru Mikami and Kiyomi Takada. But in the end, this skilled antagonist cornered Light and witnessed his death at the hands of Ryuk.

9 Azami Nakiri wanted to remake Totsuki in his image and likeness (Food War!)1628352232 118 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

Aside from the seemingly superhuman “tongue of god”, there are no supernatural or magical elements in Food Wars! Instead, culinary students compete with ordinary cooking, each having their own specialty. Azami’s specialty, if it can be called that, is simply having an incredibly high level of demand.

Azami was a tyrant father, who put a lot of pressure on his daughter Erina to be the best and develop her potential. At one point, Azami seized control of Totsuki and formed the oppressive Central, ending all resistance until only Soma and his friends were left to challenge him. In the end, Azami was frustrated.

8 Kirari Momobami is an expert player and manipulator (Kakegurui)1628352232 317 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

Kakegurui It’s set in high school, but at this school, the curriculum revolves around high-stakes gambling, and the cruel student council rules with an iron fist. This school rewards cunning, wealth and cruelty, and the queen of this domain is the president of the student council, Kirari Momobami.

Kirari has no supernatural gifts, nor does she need them. This brilliant girl has the entire school in the palm of her hand, treating it more like a private circus than anything else. Additionally, he can keep his enemies in suspense by using his twin sister, Ririka, as a body double.

7 Thorkell was a mighty Viking warrior (Vinland Saga)1628352233 496 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

Vinland Saga It is set in medieval Europe, and there are no vampires, wizards, or demons. It’s a man versus man question, and only the strongest can survive to see another battle. Thorkell is a bloodthirsty Viking mercenary who, for a time, was against Thorfinn and Askeladd.

Thorkell is brutal, though not necessarily evil. On the contrary, he was simply an antagonist due to the circumstances, needing only his brute strength, his twin axes, and his remarkable ability to defeat countless enemies. After a while, he became an ally of Thorfinn.

6 Inspector Zenigata insists on capturing Lupine (Lupine III)1628352233 569 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

For decades, fans of the franchise Lupin III have cheered on Master Thief Lupine III as he performed daring pranks and kept one step ahead of Inspector Zenigata, his sworn enemy. Zenigata, like Thorkell, is not evil, he is simply an antagonist due to circumstances; a de facto villain.

Zenigata is a law enforcement officer, and he can’t bear to see Lupine, Daisuke Jigen, and the others running free, stealing priceless treasures all over 20th-century Europe. So it will capture them however it is, but easier said than done.

5 Tetta Kisaki is a scary boy (Tokyo Revengers)1628352233 12 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

Most of the gangsters of Tokyo Revengers They are high school boys, and despite being young teenagers, they are often brutal and ruthless towards rival gangsters or even their own allies. Takemichi Hanagaki travels back to 2005 to fix things, but the ruthless Tetta Kisaki stands in his way.

Kisaki plans to become the leader of Tokyo’s number one youth gang, and his future self is responsible for many heinous crimes, including the death of Hinata Tachibana. Takemichi knows exactly who his enemy is, and he even knows what the future holds, but Kisaki won’t be so easily defeated. This hooligan boy is serious.

4 Kureo Mado collected quinques, but was otherwise an ordinary man (Tokyo Ghoul)1628352234 14 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

In the gloomy world of Tokyo GhoulOnly ghouls can use kagune, or supernatural appendages, to fight, including Ken Kaneki. Human investigators cannot use these powers on their own, so they “borrow” those supernatural gifts to fight.

A harvested kagune is called a quinque, and CCG investigators like the ruthless Kureo Mado can use it to kill ghouls in combat. However, Kureo was very antagonistic and intended to kill the harmless Hinami Fueguchi, until Touka Kirishima came to the rescue. Not all defenders of humanity are necessarily holy.

3 Hyoga only needs a spear to fight (Dr. Stone)1628352234 538 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

The pseudo-isekai series Dr. Stone has very few, if any, supernatural elements. Instead, it is hard science, for both good and evil, and the Senku Ishigami must invent his way to a better future for humanity. The problem is that villains like Tsukasa and Hyoga get in the way.

For a time, Tsukasa led the Empire of Power, an unscientific army. Hyoga was a powerful lieutenant to Tsukasa, who used his unique spear and incredible abilities to fight Senku, Kohaku, Magma, Chrome, and the others. It was worth an entire squad of combatants alone, without the need for magic.

2 Rabier was a twisted and cruel nobleman (The Rise of the Shield Hero)1628352234 497 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

In the long run, the cruel noble Rabier was nothing more than a minor villain in Rise of the Shield HeroBut he had a connection to Raphtalia, the demihuman, and defeating him in combat was essential for Raphtalia to get over her painful past. For Rabier, demihumans like her are nothing more than slaves and toys.

Rabier got what he deserved when Naofumi and Raphtalia confronted him, and despite his dirty tricks, Rabier was unable to defeat them both. He fell, and Raphtalia was able to move on at last.

1 Roberta was an indestructible assassin (Laguna Negra)1628352234 647 10 anime villains without superpowers.webp

In the world of Black LagoonThe line between hero and villain is blurred, but it can be safely said that Roberta, the battle maiden, was generally a villain and antagonist, especially from Rock and Revy’s point of view. Roberta was terrifying in battle, with strength, speed, and agility that seemed almost superhuman.

However, in this series there is no magic or occult. Roberta is simply well trained and determined to shed blood, all for the sake of Garcia Lovelace, her young teacher. It’s been compared to a killer robot more than once, and it’s easy to see why. It has terrorized the Black Lagoon Brigade and even the United States Army on more than one occasion.