10 animes you must watch if you like Batman

The franchise of DC Comics Batmanis one of the best in comics, starring the Dark Knight himself, Batman. For many decades, comics and movies Batman have thrilled fans around the world with the caped crusader’s exploits against a wide variety of villains in Gotham City. Anyone who is up to date with Batman’s adventures and is left wanting more can try the anime below.

Several Japanese anime series coincide with the franchise of Batman although they do not always share the aesthetics or the stark tone of East. Many anime series have more in common with Batman than fans might initially expect and any fan of Batman to try these series. Some of them even feature characters surprisingly similar to the Dark Knight himself.

10 Death Note is a brilliant crime thriller

death notedoes not involve much action compared to Batmanbut this famous anime series does share the themes of criminal justice and battles of wits of Batman, only with the papers mixed up a bit. In this anime, the protagonist Light Yagami is almost like the Riddler, except that he is determined to change the world by killing thousands of criminals.

It’s up to the world’s greatest detective, the mysterious L, to track down and capture Kira/Light, but it won’t be easy. L lacks the martial skills of Batman, but he has a genius mind, the help of the Japanese police and his own Alfred, Watari.

9 The Force Of Fire Involves Mysteries And Fights Criminals1647770582 183 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

The Serieoriginalsleevefire force has recently concluded and the anime has two seasons, with a third on the way. This is the story of fire soldier Shinra Kusakabe and his quest to redeem his twisted brother Sho and end the deadly Ash Flame Cult.

fire force is much more colorful and silly than the typical stories batman but shares the hobby of the latter for the urban scenes full of sand and the element of mystery and justice by own hand. Shinra and her allies are determined to solve the riddle of the Cult and will have to battle more than one comic book-style villain along the way.

8 The Rise Of The Shield Hero Features A High-Quality Antihero1647770582 447 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

The Rising of the Shield Herois one of the darkest isekai anime series out there, starring the bitter but clever anti-hero Naofumi Iwatani the Shield Hero. Naofumi is a bit of a loner, much like Batman, relying only on a small handful of allies that he has personally recruited.

Like Batman, Naofumi is an aloof and practical hero who has no time for sentimentality or comic relief. Instead of him, he is focused on the mission at hand and has relatively few superpowers aside from his various shields.

7 Tokyo Avengers Are Dedicated To Fighting Crime1647770582 165 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

The protagonist of Tokyo AvengersTakemichi Hanagaki doesn’t seem like a very Batman at first. He is a gentle and kind boy who always prefers peace to war, but is willing to go back in time and take on entire youth gangs alone if it means saving his friend Hinata Tachibana.

tokyo avengers It takes place in a harsh urban environment where violent young criminals rule the streets. They solve their problems with backstabs and their fists, which should appeal to any fan of Batman . The only justice that can be found is the one that Takemichi does for himself.

6 Jujutsu Kaisen Offers Dark Fantasy Action1647770582 268 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

Batman is a dark hero who uses his fists to save the day, but he also has a noble side and refuses to let anyone die, friend or foe. The same can be said of the protagonist himself. Jujutsu KaisenYuji Itoadori, who has the dark power of Ryomen Sukuna within him.

Yuji finds himself in the dark world of curses and sorcery, where he must rely on his wits, cursed power, and fists to save the day and end the curses that threaten humanity. He is a thug but likeable protagonist who is determined to bring peace to the streets, similar to Batman.

5 Tokyo Ghoul also includes dark fantasy action1647770583 669 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

Tokyo Ghoul has some similarities with jujutsu kaisen and even with tokyo avengers, as it is a dark and violent story starring an innocent hero who is drawn into a grim underworld of action and horror. College student Ken Kaneki is now a half-ghoul and there is no turning back.

Batman isn’t a demon, but he and Ken are both dark and serious heroes who are determined to bring peace to the streets with their fists; they will channel their inner darkness to defeat far nastier foes and restore hope. To Ken, Tokyo is just like Gotham, glittering on the outside and riddled with crime and horror on the inside.

4 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Features An Intelligent And Peaceful Hero1647770583 776 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has more in common with the comics batman than a simple glance might suggest. Both series are set in a world secretly ruled by criminals and supervillains, and it’s up to the clever and resourceful hero to bring peace to the streets and restore hope.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the alchemist Edward Elric, who is a smart and agile fighter who refuses to take lives for any reason. He also investigates the great mystery behind the plans of his father and the Amestris army.

3 Terror In Resonance Is Like The Dark Knight1647770583 621 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

Theshort but intriguing anime series Terror in resonance It’s a bit like Christopher Nolan’s 2008 feature film The Dark Knight, starring chaotic but brilliant antiheroes who keep the police on their toes with their criminal antics and love of anarchy. The Batman of Terror in resonance is Kenjiro Shibazaki, who is determined to catch these young criminals.

Agent Kenjiro is like a frazzled combination of Batman and Sheriff Gordon, a vigilante who has little more than his own fists and wits to crack this case. Things get even worse when a new villain arrives who threatens to bring Japan to ruin.

2 Fist Of The North Star Features A Batman-Style Hero1647770583 250 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

The Fist of the StarNorth is an anime classic from the ’80s, and Viz SIG’s reissue of this series is helping to introduce it to a new generation of action fans. This story stars Kenshiro, a martial artist hero who shares Batman’s sense of vigilante justice and gritty optimism. However, unlike Batman, Kenshiro takes many lives.

In the post-apocalyptic world of The Fist of the Star North, force does good; the same is true in the underworld of Gotham, where rogues like the Penguin and the Riddler reign supreme. Kenshiro even has his own squad of his, similar to the Bat-family, and his own powerful rivals and enemies to face. Fist of the North Star is ideal for any fan of action stories.

1 Golden Kamuy has adventure, mystery and action1647770583 974 10 animes you must watch if you like Batman.webp

Golden’s settingKamuy it is much more rural and rustic than the one in the comics batman but otherwise this successful seinen series should appeal to any fan of Batman that go me the stories of action and mystery. In addition, Golden Kamuy should also appeal to fans of western cowboy movies.

goldenKamuy is the story of rogue soldier Sugimoto, who is determined to find a hidden treasure while facing fierce rivals and enemies along the way. The fans batman can appreciate the dark action hero tone of Golden Kamuy and its brutal violence. In a way, Asirpa, the Ainu explorer, is like Sugimoro’s own Robin.