10 best animes to watch with dad

Fans of Japanese animation know how wonderfully rich and diverse this industry is, as anime spans every known film and literary genre. This means that there is an anime series for everyone, from fans of high school stories to lovers of graphic horror, historical anime, science fiction and much more.

On the other hand, most shonen and shojo anime are aimed at teenage viewers, while seinen and josei are aimed at older viewers, but the good news is that these demographics can overlap. There is a remarkable variety of anime series that will allow a wide range of viewers to find something they like.

10 The Vinland Saga Is All About The Vikings

The medieval action series Vinland Sagait’s a bit too graphic for school-age anime fans, but should be fine for anime fans in their mid to late teens, and you can invite dad to watch it too. Also, this 24-episode anime series is getting a second season soon, so there will be even more to enjoy.

Anyone who loves the tv series vikings will enjoy Vinland Saga, which has plenty of action and great settings for any viewer to enjoy, and a great historical setting for any history buff parent to appreciate as well. After all, many of the Vinland characters Saga they were real people, like Prince Canute.

9 The Tokyo Avengers Are Surprisingly Tough1648716567 576 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

The father of the average anime fan is unlikely to be able to relate much to a 14-year-old, but on the other hand, the brutal story of tokyo avengers It should appeal to viewers of any age with its compelling, mind-bending storyline and realistic setting, aside from time travel. In a way, the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki is like the new Kyle Reese.

In a way, Tokyo Avengers it’s like a police thriller or mob story with downsized characters, and curious anime parents might be curious to see what it can do tokyo avengers to refresh the formula. This anime may have young characters, but it is surprisingly mature most of the time.

8 Lupine III Is A Great Adventure Franchise1648716567 84 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

Sometimes the classic anime franchise Lupine III it might look like a Saturday morning cartoon, which isn’t the best way to appeal to a middle-aged person looking for a new TV show to watch. But the positive side is that Lupine III can be quite deep and mature despite its colorful visuals, which should help pique Dad’s interest.

Lupine III is a saga of episodes about master thief Lupine III and his friends as they run amok across Europe with detective Zenitgata chasing them everywhere. The series has strong drama and mature themes to appeal to Dad, along with elements like classic cars and gunfights. Any parent would like that.

7 Golden Kamuy Is Like A Japanese Cowboy Movie1648716567 194 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

Despite its Japanese setting, the seinen anime series Golden Kamuy features many elements of a classic cowboy movie, much like a Clint Eastwood feature film. golden Kamuy it is set in 1900s Japan, mainly Hokkaido, which was almost like the Japanese Wild West of the time.

Any parent who likes Western movies will enjoy what it has to offer. Golden Kamuy from the wilderness survival elements to the graphic action scenes, the fancy rifles, the sniper duels, and the story of many groups competing to find hidden treasure.

6 Black Lagoon Is A Wild Action Series1648716567 416 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

Any parent who enjoys R-rated action movies is sure to find plenty to like about the seinen Black series. Lagoon, which takes place in the fictional Southeast Asian city of Roanapur and the surrounding regions. Black’s antiheroes Lagoon they belong to the Black Lagoon group, and they accept any job for the right price.

Former salaryman Rock and his brutal new friends have seen or done it all: get into gunfights, fly helicopters, dive into sunken submarines, get into car chases, fight a South American soldier to the death, and much more. Sometimes, it doesn’t even look like an anime other than being animated. This is not dragon ball.

5 BTOOOM! It’s a survival game in the wild1648716567 159 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

The short anime series BTOOOM! is based on the longer manga series of the same name, and its protagonists find themselves in a difficult time. The inveterate gamer Ryota Sakamoto loves to play the online game called BTOOOM, which includes explosives, but now you have to play it for real. His life is at stake.

Ryota and a handful of people of all shapes and sizes are given real grenades and challenged to blow each other up on a remote island to determine a winner. The series turns dark in more ways than one, but the protagonists never lose hope. Surely, they will top this game somehow.

4 Ghost In The Shell: The Standalone Complex Is Good Sci-fi1648716568 346 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

Any parent who likes science fiction like Matrix or terminator should accompany your teens to watch the awesome anime series Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, which is part of the great franchise GITS . The 1995 film is possibly the best feature film from GITS, but Standalone Complex totally worth it.

Ghost in the Shell is a seinen cyberpunk anime series starring the elite members of Section 9, who must battle cybercriminals, rogue robots, and others across Japan to keep the peace. The series not only has great technology and action sequences, but also a deep philosophy.

3 Junji Ito’s Collection Features Dazzling Horror1648716568 974 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

It’s true that animation can’t perfectly recapture the magic of manga author Junji Ito’s original work, but anyone looking for a bit of offbeat and unpredictable horror can try animation. Junji Ito Collection, which will appeal to horror fans of any age. Even parents might feel creepy.

The collection is, in effect, an anthology, showcasing Junji Ito’s expertise in creating a wide variety of short but memorable horror stories featuring monsters, twisted youths, and strange natural phenomena beyond explanation. Any family that loves horror should give this anime a try.

2 Both Berserk Anime Feature Cool Medieval Action1648716568 77 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

Berserk is a dark, violent and heartfelt story about the wandering mercenary Guts and his quest to find true purpose in life and get revenge for what the scheming Griffith did during the Eclipse. We encourage any impressed parent to give the original manga a try and add it to their shelf of beloved comic paperbacks.

1 Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Really Universal1648716568 549 10 best animes to watch with dad.webp

At first sight, Neon Genesis Evangelion it seems like an anime more suitable for children, considering its youthful protagonists and the scenes showing giant robots fighting monsters. But appearances are deceiving. neon genesis Evangelion is a legendary anime series from the 90s that goes far beyond “big robots killing aliens”.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is famous not only for its stellar animation and cool technology, but also for its deeply realized characters and strong philosophical elements, and casual fans might miss a lot on the first pass. However, savvy parents will likely grasp the clever and complex topics explored here.