10 essential news for Manga Barcelona

  • Selection of the bets that the publishers present in the 27th edition of the show

Every month, publishers release new volumes or manga series. However, they are reserved for the Manga Barcelona the bombings and the most important news. Below these lines, a selection of 10 titles:


Haruichi Furudate (Planeta Cómic)

A ‘shonen’ about Shoyo Hinata, a teenager who loves volleyball. At the institute, Karasuno applies for a place to join the school team and be able to participate in all tournaments and games. It’s possibly the most anticipated fall premiere, along with ‘Tokyo Revengers’ (Norma Editorial), which will be launched in November.

10 essential news for Manga Barcelona

Waka Hirako (Milky Way)

During a work outing, Shiino learns that her friend Mariko has committed suicide. So you decide to investigate. A very heartbreaking ‘josei’ that describes the bonds that unite the souls of two women. The author, Waka Hirako, is one of the stars of this Manga Barcelona, ​​which can be met in virtual connection from Japan.

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Wade Otaku and Drawill (Editorial Standard)

In a world with werewolves and vampires, Dregan (vampire) has to take care of his little sister, who is sick and isolated. A ‘shonen’ full of adventure and fantasy by a couple of Spanish authors who will be present at Manga Barcelona: Wade Otaku, with numerous followers on social networks, and Drawill from Barcelona, ​​the artistic name of Guillem Casasola, who was trained at the Escola Joso.

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Haro Aso (Ivrea)

Three friends end up being teleported to a parallel world apparently the same as ours, but only inhabited by those unfortunate ones who are forced to participate in the survival game. A ‘shonen’ full of action, suspense and macabre games.

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Hajime Inoyoru y Shota Ito (Panini)

A ‘seinen’ of terror in which a university student, Eiji Urushima, has an unspeakable secret. When he has to face the harsh reality, he ends up involved in a series of atrocities.

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Eric Cuaresma and Cristina Jorge (Comic Planet)

A study of the Buddhist world with a fusion of science fiction in which, thanks to the spiritual guidance of an alien race, society has evolved into a state of full well-being. The scriptwriter of this dystopia, Eric Cuaresma, is one of the guests at Manga Barcelona.

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Shuho Sato (Sekai)

Eijiro Saito, after finishing his degree in Medicine at Eiroku University, has just started his internship as a doctor at Eiroku University Hospital, where he barely charges. Saito must try to survive in a hostile environment where financial gain is valued more than humanitarian values. Happy rescue by this new publisher of a series that Glénat published between 2003 and 2007.

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Miki Yoshikawa (Norma Editorial)

The families of Nagi and Erika, two boys who were accidentally exchanged at birth, agree and decide that their children should marry despite being totally different. A ‘shonen’ of comedy and romance.

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Tsukasa Hôjô (Arechi Manga)

After the death of her father, Masahiko Yanagiba goes to live with some uncles of hers she does not know, as she sees the possibility of enjoying a family life again. A comedy about respect for diversity, since both guys are a trans couple.

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Kabi Nagata (Fandogamia)

Nagata tells the true story of the author’s life in a comic from the perspective of her battle with depression due to her sexuality. In this ‘yuri’, Nagata recounts how she managed to get out of her depression: opening the doors to her lesbianism.