10 Must-See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans

Given the opportunity to travel back in time, people can choose to go to the future or to the past. Going to the future means that people can see what the future holds and how far the world has come (hopefully). On the other hand, traveling to the past means that people could rewrite their mistakes or change the course of the history they know.

One of those time travel manga in which the protagonist returns to the past is Tokyo Revengers. It is an exciting manga, full of possibilities and the possibility of changing the future. There are quite a few time travel manhwa that can be enjoyed and are a must-read for fans of Tokyo. Revengers.

10 Soohyun Goes Back In Time Hoping To Avoid Her Tragedy-Filled Past (Memorize)

Memorize is a fantasy, action, and drama manhwa from creators Yu-jin Ro and Jeongha. Soohyun was introduced to a game-like world ten years ago by supernatural beings. After all this time, he finally made it to the top, but the cost of doing so was too great.

Using his ability as an Apex, he is sent back ten years ago. With his vast knowledge, he hopes he can make different decisions and avoid the tragedy that once filled his life.

9 Yuhyeon travels to the past after realizing that he has no one to celebrate his successes with (A Man’s Man)1636192837 970 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

A Man’s Manfrom the creators Haneulso, Dogado and Tae-gung Kim, is a manhwa of action, science fiction and drama. Yuhyeon becomes the youngest CEO of a large electronics company that has a toxic work environment. To achieve this, he had to make questionable decisions that ended up isolating him from everyone.

Falling asleep the night of your expensive promotion, you wake up twenty years in the past. With his experience and knowledge of the future, he plans to fix his broken relationships and not give in to the toxic environment.

8 The Skeleton Trooper goes back to the past and levels up to change the horrible death that awaits him (The Skeleton Trooper was unable to defend the dungeon)1636192837 425 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon is a supernatural action-adventure manhwa from the creators Sosori and Ant Studio. The Skeleton Soldier is a loyal soldier who serves the Lady Succubus, but his dream of living a peaceful life is shattered when both he and the Lady are killed.

However, he reawakens twenty years in the past and hopes to warn the Lady of future events. But without any special skills and with a history of failure, the soldier has to work hard to change the future that awaits him. For Overlord fans and Solo Leveling, this is a must read.

7 Kim Hi Wu becomes a tyrant to seek revenge against the person who kills him in the future (my life again)1636192838 501 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

Again My Life, from the creators 선 용민, and 이해 날, is an action-drama manhwa about a prosecutor named Kim Hi Wu. As a result of his work, Kim is killed and thrown into the ocean by the villain who controls Korea.

However, he meets a grim reaper who grants him the chance to return to the past. Now an eighteen-year-old high school student, Kim uses his knowledge and experience to exact revenge on the tyrant by becoming a tyrant himself.

6 Elena Blaise has the opportunity to save her family by going back in time to marry the prince and become his knight (The Return of Elena the Knight)1636192838 500 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

The Return of Elena the Knight is a fantasy action-drama manhwa from creator Ha-rin Lee. Elena Blaise is the daughter of an earl whose family was royalist. Following the murder of the crown prince and the subsequent death of his entire family, Elena began training as a knight to seek revenge. When he was about to get his revenge, he received a fatal blow. However, he goes back to the past a year before the event that cost him his family.

Knowing what the future holds, he rushes to the prince’s side and asks for his hand in marriage and to become his knight, and he, surprisingly, accepts. It is up to Elena to prevent the mortal future that awaits them.

5 A man turns back the clock and becomes a baby to acquire the skills and abilities necessary to prepare for the day of advent (past life regressor)1636192838 166 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

Past Life Regressor, from the creators Min-chae Na and Yong-un Cha, is a manhwa of action and drama. When given the option to go back in time, many would choose to go back just a few years. However, when the protagonist is given the opportunity to go back in time, he chooses to go back to the day he was born.

As soon as he goes back in time, he learns that he can earn skill points and unlock rewards. This will allow you to grow stronger and be prepared for Advent Day, the day a portal was opened and powerful creatures walked through it and began to destroy the world.

4 Kim YuWon sacrifices his friend to go back to the past and save the tower from evil (level up with the gods)1636192838 466 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

Leveling Up With the Gods is a fantasy, action and adventure manhwa by B. Ain. Although Kim YuWon is stronger and more powerful than most of those who have entered the tower, in the end he is no match for her.

However, by sacrificing his friend, he was given the opportunity to return to the past and change his destiny. With his experience and skills, he tries to climb the tower once more and defeat the evil that wants to destroy it and save his friends.

3 Ian Page was betrayed by his friend, but was sent to the past where he could repent of his sins (The Return of the Eighth Class Wizard)1636192838 200 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

The return of the mAug 8th Class, by Ryu Song, is an action-fantasy manhwa full of magic. As an 8th class mage, Ian Page has bloodied his hands for his empire and for his friend, Ragnar, the emperor. To regret it, all he wanted was to live the rest of his days quietly.

But Ragnar feared Ian’s powers and decided to kill him. In his last moments, Ian used the magic of the dagger piercing his heart to go back in time. Now, as a young man, he plans to change his future and repent of his sins.

2 Zephyr is defeated by evil, but is given a second chance to save his love and defeat his enemy (Doom Breaker)1636192839 878 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

Doom Breaker is a fantasy action manhwa from author and artist Cheong Dam. In a world forsaken by the gods, Zephyr is the last human left and tries to save him from incredible evil. When he is defeated by the god of destruction, Tartarus, he believes that all hope is lost.

Until they send him to the past, ten years ago, because the gods enjoy watching him fight. In the past, he was a slave to one of the most powerful humans in existence. He hopes that this time he can defeat Tartarus and save the woman he loves.

1 Woojin grows stronger in hopes of getting his revenge by killing the hero (Kill the Hero)1636192839 985 10 Must See Time Travel Manhwa For Tokyo Revengers Fans.webp

Kill the Hero D-Dart is an action-fantasy manhwa about a young man named Woojin. Woojin has killed his guild leader and has a chance to start over. Unlike his previous life, in which he helped save people and kill monsters, he has decided that this time he is going to seek revenge.

With his high-level skills and abilities, he keeps increasing his stats to become even stronger. Nobody knows which side he is on, and he does not care because he is not there to play fair. All he wants is to get his revenge on the Hero, no matter the cost.