10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights

Fighting is in the DNA of many anime, and some of the most successful series focus on a protagonist who loves combat and bent on getting stronger. But among the litany of combat-loving characters are peace-loving pacifists who value diplomacy above all else.

The young protagonist feels no pleasure in killing and often honors the death of a demon, as long as he regrets the lives he has taken in his last moments. The only case where hatred has occupied Tanjiro’s heart is when he confronted Muzan and witnessed Sanemi stab his sister in the shoulder.

8 Takemichi travels to the past to save the lives of his loved ones (Tokyo Revengers)

Takemichi not only despises fights, but is also fatal. It seems that in every episode of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi takes a beating with tears on his face. And it’s not just a physical beating that makes him cry: Takemichi’s boundless compassion causes him to take all interactions with his loved ones to heart.

The lovable protagonist is forced to fight as he travels to the past to join the Tokyo Manji gang and prevent the deaths of the likes of Mikey and Hinata. But it is painfully obvious that Takemichi would rather settle things diplomatically. Unfortunately, when your opponent is the sadistic Tetta Kisaki, peace was never an option.

7 Itachi believed that by killing his clan he would achieve peace (Naruto)1636709799 14 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

It can be difficult to convince the common man that a man who killed his entire clan and then joined a terrorist organization was actually a pacifist. But those who know the tragic story of Itachi can attest that the tormented Uchiha desired peace above all else.

He killed his bloodline to prevent a coup, and joined the Akatsuki to watch over them while protecting the Hidden Leaf Village. His actions were motivated by a greater good, and Itachi willingly died as a villain to keep the peace for generations to come.

6 The Mafia uses its overwhelming power as a last resort (Mob Psycho 100)1636709799 967 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

Mob is the protagonist of the immensely popular Mob Psycho 100 and one of the most powerful espers in the universe. He skillfully uses techniques such as telekinesis and psychic energy absorption, and other espers are amazed at his psychic output. However, he maintains the philosophy that psychic powers are a last resort, in contrast to the power-hungry espers throughout the series.

Mob’s compassion is as limitless as his power, and he is quick to forgive the heinous behavior of others towards him. His true strength lies in his words, which convince enemies to make a more peaceful choice, a common trait among many popular anime protagonists.

5 Gohan’s peaceful character contrasts with that of other saiyans (Dragon Ball Z)1636709799 802 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

Being only a half Saiyan, Gohan lacks the insatiable appetite for battle that is ingrained in the DNA of full-blooded Saiyans such as Goku and Vegeta. Instead, Gohan does not like to fight very much and only goes into action to protect his loved ones. It is well documented that Gohan possesses the potential to surpass his father, but does not have the drive to train, fight, and push his limits.

The half saiyan values ​​family and education above all else, and would opt for peace over power every day of the week. But do not confuse their pacifism with weakness; Gohan cleaning the floor with Perfect Cell remains one of many iconic moments from Dragon Ball Z .

4 Julius Novachrono wishes harmony between the classes of the Kingdom of Clover (Black Clover)1636709800 239 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

The kingdom of Black Clover is marked by conflict between the classes, with the nobles oppressing the commoners due to their lack of magical talent. Arrogance seems to be genetically encoded in almost all nobles and royalty, with their pompous attitudes prominent throughout Black Clover. .

However, despite occupying the role of the Wizard King and being himself of the nobility, Julius Novachrono is without prejudice and values ​​each and every citizen of his kingdom. He works tirelessly to ensure equality and, despite his immense power, refuses to rule with an iron fist. Julius values ​​peace and democracy comes naturally to him.

3 Princess Euphemia worked to unite the British and Japanese (Code Geass)1636709800 826 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

Euphemia Li Britannia was the third princess of the British imperial family and a kind and compassionate ruler. Unlike her brothers, who abused their royal power and ruled antagonistically, Euphemia was truly for the people and desired peace between Britannia and the Japanese.

She detested any form of violence and was one of the few who was kind to Lelouch and Nunnaly even though her mother was not of royal lineage. Euphemia’s wholesome nature made it even more difficult for fans to digest her actions under the influence of Geass – mercilessly slaughtering hundreds of Japanese civilians.

2 Vash The Stampede values ​​love and peace above all else (Trigun)1636709800 287 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

Vash the Stampede is the main protagonist of Trigun and a humanoid plant that values ​​love and peace above all else. If he had a choice, Vash would undoubtedly live a peaceful life, free from the typhoon of violence that seems to haunt him.

But due to the expensive bounty on his head and the greed of others, Vash is constantly drawn into violent and aggressive situations, although he remains true to his pacifist ideals even in the heat of battle. But don’t underestimate Vash, as he can be relentless with his shots, especially when he’s protecting someone he cares about.

1 Shanks is a pacifist by nature despite being one of the four emperors (One Piece)1636709800 736 10 peace loving anime characters who hate fights.webp

Shanks is an exceptionally powerful character in One Piece , whose skill and reputation have earned him the position of one of the Four Emperors who rule the new world. Despite the naturally violent lifestyle of a pirate, Shanks dislikes combat and the Five Elders noted that he is a pacifist by nature.

His preference for diplomacy has been seen or hinted at multiple times throughout the series: he negotiated a ceasefire between the Whitebeard Pirates and the world government, and convinced Kaidou (probably using his words) to leave. his plan to interfere with Marineford. Shanks may be one of the strongest pirates in One Piece, But he hates unnecessary bloodshed.