10 sleeves to give away and read in Reyes

Behind the Manga Barcelona, the Christmas season is coming. Editorials are saved his best titles to release them during October and December. Here is a selection of 10 sleeves for all ages and of different genders to give these parties:

‘Tokyo Revengers 1 / 2’

Ken Wakui. Norma Editorial. 16 € cada uno

‘Tokyo Revengers’ has been, along with ‘Haikyû !!’, the most important and anticipated premiere of autumn. Takemichi Hanagaki works in a video store and nothing interesting ever happens to him. Until he realizes that he can travel back in time. So he decides to go back in time to save his ex-girlfriend, Hinata (Hina) Tachibana, who has recently been murdered by a criminal gang, the Tokyo Manji.

1639077697 496 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘Just Friends’

Ana Oncina. Comic Planet. € 12.95

The most outstanding ‘made in Spain’ manga of the season. Ana Oncina, author of ‘Croqueta y empanadilla’ and ‘Los f * ucking 30’, presents her first Japanese comic. In this story that deepens their friendship, Erika, the lonely protagonist, goes to a summer camp that her mother has signed her up for, although she would rather be calm and spend time doing the things she likes.

1639077697 429 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘The truth about witches 1’

Ebishi Maki. Milky Way Ediciones. 8,50 €

In 16th century Europe, Dr. Weyer is sent to heal Marthe, a girl who was allegedly attacked by a werewolf. Meanwhile, the villagers live in fear of the witches and the devil. This series full of mystery is a story inspired by Johann Weyer, one of the first doctors and thinkers to write against the persecution of witches.

1639077697 433 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘Haikyû !! 3 ‘

Haruichi Furudate. Planeta Cómic. 7,95 €

The desired third volume of the volleyball series after its great debut in Spain. In this installment, readers will meet Nishinoya, the libero who was already seen very briefly at the end of the second volume, and Asahi, the shy and insecure -although very strong- as of the Karasuno. Meanwhile, Professor Takeda will be in charge of finding them a coach and looking for schools with which to play training friendlies.

1639077698 637 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘Boy’s Abyss 1’

Ryô Minenami. Milky Way Editions. € 8.50

Reiji Kurose, a high school student, lives bored in a town where nothing ever happens. Only his family and childhood friends tie him to that place and to his life. However, one day he meets a girl who seems to be able to get him out of the monotony of his day to day. A ‘seinen’ with mystery, drama and romance.

1639077698 453 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘Another 1’

Yukito Ayatsuji y Hiro Kiyohara. Ivrea. 8 €

In 1972, Misaki, a popular high school student, died suddenly in the middle of grade. In 1998, Koichi and Mei, two students from the same high school and class, investigate a series of murders that are related to the death of Misaki so as not to be the following. A psychological horror story, adapted from Ayatsuji’s novel.

1639077698 887 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘Tower of God 1’

SIU. Panini Manga. 15 €

Bam decides to go after his friend Rachel, who has entered the Tower of God, who grants any wish to all those who reach its top. However, finding it will not be easy, as the legendary building houses all kinds of monsters and administrators who challenge you to ascend. A Korean action-adventure-drama-fantasy manga. The original work was published on Naver, South Korea’s main internet portal.

1639077698 607 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘More Than Words 1 / 2’

Etsuko. Comic Planet. € 8.95 each

Two high school students, Mieko Takagi and Makio Senoo, meet Eiji Fukunaga, a university student, at their part-time job. The three become friends and begin to hang out. The story is told by Mieko, although she is not always the protagonist. Sometimes, she is the spectator of the relationships around her. A manga led by diversity, which addresses gender identity and sexual orientation.

1639077698 663 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
’10th 1′

Yuko Inari. Ivrea. 8,50 €

Shota Takeuchi spends most of her life ill with the only company of her friend Haruko Umezawa. For this reason, when he returns to school, it is very difficult for him to relate to his classmates. Yohei Matsuki, a very nice boy, takes Chota out of his shell. Soon, the two childhood friends realize that they are both falling in love with Yohei. This three-volume work deals with diverse love and friendship over time.

1639077699 733 10 sleeves to give and read this Christmas 2021
‘My alcoholic father is a monster’

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Mariko Kikuchi. Fandogamia. 10 €

First-person story based on real events about growing up in a hostile environment. After their mother’s suicide, Mariko and her sister had to take care of their alcoholic father to prevent him from hurting himself or themselves. The author was slow to realize that the painful degradation situation in her family was not normal.