10 times an anime villain was saved by the hero’s stupidity

Anime heroes are known to be hot-blooded and extremely self-confident, but there are times when these cheeky traits don’t save the day. In fact, these noisy habits and personalities can actively help or even save the villain from defeat.

Most of the time, this was unintentional. Either the hero was in the dark, or the villains were risking it. Whatever the case, these cases of heroic stupidity helped the villains more than anyone.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

10 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The Elric brothers saved Central Command from assassination

The restart of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It literally started with a bang, as the Elric brothers were tasked with taking down the renegade alchemist Isaac McDougal. When the Elrics confronted Isaac, Isaac was raving about the corruption of Central Command, which must be stopped at all costs. Isaac’s plan was to freeze the capital, but they prevented it.

Unfortunately, the brothers’ eagerness to prove their worth and carry out orders went wrong. Isaac’s strike was actually his last effort to save Amestris from Father’s plans, which needed all of Amestris to be transmuted. The ingenuity of the Elrics not only saved the corrupt elite of Amestris, but gave Father enough time to almost succeed in his plans.

9 Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki’s rescue plan accelerated Sosuke Aizen’s machinations1639044723 971 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

Ichigo’s very existence as a Substitute Shinigami made him a wild card, to the point that his mere presence in Soul Society plunged the afterlife into chaos. That said, the only person who saw it coming was the Machiavellian Captain Aizen. In fact, Aizen orchestrated everything in and out of Ichigo’s life so that he would unknowingly carry out his orders.

From the attack on Hollow, where Ichigo’s parents first met, to Rukia Kuchiki’s deployment to Ichigo’s hometown, Aizen pulled everyone’s strings before it even began. Bleach . Although he heroically assaulted Soul Society to save Rukia, Ichigo’s recklessness did more harm than good as he unknowingly pushed Aizen’s stratagems forward.

8 One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy is overestimated and reinforces the dominance of the World Government1639044723 655 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

Thanks to his Devil Fruit and Straw Hats powers, Luffy, who had limitless self-confidence, believed that he and his friends could win any challenge and make their way to the New World. Unfortunately, his loss at Sabaody proved otherwise. This led Luffy down a path of impulsive decisions that only helped the World Government in the long run.

By rushing into Impel Down and Marineford, Luffy inadvertently set the stage for the deaths of his brother Portgas D. Ace and the legendary pirate Whitebeard. Worse, Luffy’s mistakes contributed to the World Government tightening its grip on the world, as it was able to deliver forceful blows to the pirates while consolidating its dominance over the remaining free territories.

7 Inuyasha – Kagome Higurashi broke the jewel of the four souls and spread evil throughout the kingdom1639044724 488 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

In fairness to Kagome and literally everyone in the anime, no one knew that the Wish-granting Four Souls Jewel was sentient and evil. Also, Kagome’s plan to stop the crow that stole the jewel by shooting an arrow with the bird’s claw attached to it was clever. However, Kagome’s tactic worked too well and she did not foresee that the jewel would explode on impact.

Due to this carelessness, the jewel was broken into numerous fragments that were spread throughout the country. Not only that, but the shards cursed innocent people or made monsters stronger, thus endangering the entire world. Kagome may have had the right idea, but this miscalculation inadvertently aided the Jewel’s plan to spread her darkness.

6 Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Madoka Kaname defended Kyubey unknowingly1639044724 292 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

Like any magical girl starring in an anime, Madoka found Kyubey sympathetic. Not only that, but Madoka felt compelled to protect the cat creature when she first saw her cold classmate Homura Akemi chasing her. Inadvertently, Madoka condemned herself and her friends to another loop of suffering.

Kyubey is the source of magical girls’ powers, pain, and deaths, and Homura decided that killing them would be an easier way to free magical girls from this hell. Madoka, whose memories have just been restored by Homura’s time loop, was understandably unaware of the horrors Kyubey would unleash, but her topical naivety prolonged everyone’s misery.

5 Blood + – Saya Otonashi was tricked into releasing Diva into the world1639044724 684 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

The great twist of Blood+ is that the heroine, Saya, is the older twin sister of the villain, Diva. And what is worse, Saya is directly responsible for releasing Diva into the world, although at the time she did not know who she really was. This is because when Saya first encountered Diva in her prison tower, she thought she was an unfortunate soul, not an incarcerated evildoer.

Diva attracted her sister with her angelic song, which a young and naive Saya wanted to let her adoptive family listen to. Upon being released, Diva killed Saya’s family and set her on the path of bloody revenge. Although Saya was only acting out of the goodness of her heart, her innocence inadvertently led to Diva’s reign of terror for centuries.

4 Tokyo Revengers – Takemich Hanagaki’s time jump turned Kisaki into a powerful gang boss1639044724 788 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

Traveling back and forth in time, Takemichi not only hopes to rewrite his personal life for the better, but also to save the Tokyo Manji gang from their dark fate. At the end of the intense first season ofTokyo Revengers, Takemichi did just this: by engineering a peaceful merger between Tokyo Manji and Valhalla, he was hailed as the savior of both bands.

Cut to the present, and Takemichi realized too late that he had forgotten to stop the true antagonist: Tetta Kisaki. By ensuring that Tokio Manji expanded and prospered, Takemichi accidentally cemented the sadistic Kisaki’s rise in their ranks. The season ended with Kisaki crowning himself as the head of the gang and pointing a pistol at Takemihci’s head.

3 Code Geass – Lelouch Vi Britannia ordered his nemesis to live despite everything1639044725 738 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

Although he presents himself as a cold brain, Lelouch cares for those close to him. One such person was his childhood friend Suzaku Kururgi, who served in the British Army he was fighting against. During a close situation, a terrified Lelouch (disguised as the freedom fighter Zero) used his Geass on Suzaku and ordered him to “live” and get rid of his wish to die.

Although this saved him and Suzaku from aerial bombardments, Lelouch inadvertently made Suzaku his most ruthless and unstoppable foe. Whenever Suzaku felt threatened or was willing to surrender, Lelouch’s command was activated, making him the Black Knight’s deadliest threat and the fiercest warrior in Britannia.

2 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Heero Yuy literally killed the Peace Treaty1639044725 533 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing It began with the dispatch of five Gundam pilots from the space colonies to Earth to assassinate the top ranks of the militant extremist division of the Earth Alliance – the Organization of the Zodiac (OZ). The militarily obedient Heero carried out this plan and, in doing so, unwittingly doomed the world to war.

This culminated in a battle at the New Edwards base, which the pilots were told was an OZ base. Actually, it was the site of a peace treaty. Worse, Heero rushed to blow up an escaping OZ shuttle carrying the peace-loving politicians. Earth took it as an act of war and let OZ’s fanatical leader Treize Khushrenada take over, dragging everyone into war just when it was almost averted.

1 Rebuild Of Evangelion – Shinji Ikari unknowingly initiated two hits1639044725 406 10 times an anime villain was saved by the heros.webp

In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji only had the illusion of being able to choose; SEELE and his cruel father Gendo took advantage of his desperation for validation and other weaknesses to manipulate him into doing what they needed. This was taken to the extreme in the movie series of Evangelion of four parts, where Shinji almost took down the world twice without realizing it.

In Evangelion 2. 0, Shinji finally fought back and saved Rei from the Angel Zeruel, but in the process initiated the Third Impact. Seeking redemption in Evangelion 3.0, Shinji helped awaken the Twelfth Angel under the assumption that doing so would reverse the previous apocalypse. Instead, this only triggered the Fourth Impact.