10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong

The anime world is famous for some of its most powerful heroes and villains, from Son Goku, the saiyan hero, to the invincible Saitama and the unstoppable King Yhwach of Bleach . However, not all powerful characters in anime deserve to be strong, and not all weak characters should be that weak.

While some anime characters are irresponsible with their strength and may not even deserve that strength, there are weak anime characters who could be entrusted with great power if they could somehow receive it. These characters have the courage and responsibility to wield great power. Perhaps increased strength would bring out the best in them and give them the means to realize their ideals.

10 Asami Sato should have been a Bender (The Legend of Korra)

In a way, Asami Sato is a better person for not being a bender, as her non-bender status may have led her to excel in all other areas of life, from her studies and skills in martial arts to her compassion for others. the rest. However, after a while, Asami deserved to gain some control.

Asami is weak even compared to benders like Mako and Bolin, but that may have changed when Korra opened the spirit portals. Many people gained airbending overnight, including Bumi, and Asami deserved her own airbending as well. She would put it to good use.

9 Yasutora “Chad” Sado never wins when it counts the most (Bleach)1640167175 523 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Ichigo’s good friend Chad is certainly stronger than normal humans, with or without his spiritual gifts and Fullbring abilities. Chad can even defeat low-level Soul Reaper officers and some Arrancar, but he never wins when facing someone truly worthy, such as Nnoitora Gilga or Captain Shunsui Kyoraku.

Chad doesn’t have to outshine Ichigo in strength to prove his worth, but still, he deserved better than what he got in the history of Bleach. Chad has a heroic and noble heart, and he deserved a few more powers so he could truly stand by Ichigo as an equal.

8 Sakura Haruno never caught up with Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto)1640167175 632 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Sakura Haruno did not have it easy in the story of Naruto. Sasuke totally rejected her, and she tried in vain to catch up with Naruto and Sasuke during their time together on Team 7. Sakura has the brave heart of a kunoichi, but she rarely gets a chance to show it.

Sakura started catching up early on Shippuden, and he had some new skills to his name. Unfortunately, Naruto and Sasuke left her behind again, and Sakura continued to be the butt of countless jokes in the fandom of Naruto . Anime heroes need their flaws, but not so many.

7 Lisanna Strauss can’t pull her weight (Fairy Tail)1640167175 918 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

In many respects, Lisanna Strauss is the Sakura Haruno from Fairy Tail. She is a loyal and courageous teammate and member of the Fairy Tail guild, but she rarely gets a chance to prove it in battle. Lisanna is far behind her brother and sister, and tends to lose most of their matches.

Lisanna lost a duel against Erza miserably, even with Juvia supporting her, and she couldn’t contribute much to the Great Magic Games arc or the Tartaros story arc either. You don’t have much more to do than stand up and comment on what’s going on.

6 Mumen Rider has a heroic heart (One-Punch Man)1640167176 199 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Many characters from One-Punch Man are strange, unfortunate, or weak for the sake of humor or for the purpose of satirizing and deconstructing the superhero genre. But even so, fans can agree that certain characters definitely need a buff in order for them to realize their true potential.

Mumen Rider is one such character, a C-rank hero who has the courage, conviction, and noble spirit of a true superhero. Too bad his incredible spirit comes packaged in a weak and ineffective body like hers. If more heroes had the Mumen Rider attitude, crime and villainy would soon be a thing of the past.

5 Judeau should have survived the eclipse (Berserk)1640167176 871 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Judeau was a member of the Gang of the Falcon, and had a high regard for their commander, Griffith. He also warmly welcomed the mercenary Guts to the team, and he had also earned Casca’s respect. Simply put, Judeau was a popular and likeable character who deserved to survive the Eclipse and get stronger instead of Rickert.

Judeau is an expert knife thrower, but otherwise, he can’t compare to the likes of Guts or Serpico, which is a shame. If Judeau survived the Eclipse, he could have trained more to prepare for the difficult journey that awaits him with Guts. After all, he is a very noble hero.

4 Kazuichi Banjo is a nice but bland ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul)1640167176 743 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Kazuichi Banjo is a minor character in the original story of Tokyo Ghoul, and it helps show that while all ghouls are supernatural carnivores, they are not all monsters at heart. Banjo is a big tough guy, but he has a gentle and kind personality, and he gets along well with Ken Kaneki, the antihero.

Banjo trained with Ken to get stronger, but he didn’t advance much, and his kagune was less than impressive. A loyal and heroic ghoul like him could use a stronger kagune to help fight the Aogiri Tree and the more evil members of the CCG.

3 Mai Zenin needs strength to achieve her sister’s dream (Jujutsu Kaisen)1640167176 300 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Maki Zenin rebelled against her traditionalist family and tried to become a great sorceress despite the rules, and even aspired to rule the Zenin clan one day. His sister Mai, the holster, had no choice but to follow suit, although Mai would have been fine being a low-ranking member of the family who didn’t cause trouble.

Mai may resent Maki for getting her into this mess, but there’s no way out, so she better carry out the mission. Like her sister, Mai needs great strength to prove her worth to traditional Zenines, and she was born without cursed energy. He is not a bad person. She is simply resentful of her circumstances and needs strength to change them.

2 Iruka Umino should already be stronger (Naruto)1640167176 417 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

There are a handful of characters from Naruto they deserve to be stronger than they really are, and Sakura is just the beginning. Another character from Naruto The one in need of a power boost is Naruto’s own academy instructor, tough but fair Iruka Umino. It’s been a “mediocre” chunin since its introduction.

Iruka is a smart and kind ninja who was almost like an uncle to Naruto, and he risked his life to protect Naruto even when the boy broke the rules by stealing that scroll of shadow clones. Iruka would gladly give his life to defend the Hidden Leaf Village from the likes of Madara Uchiha or Pain, and he needs more strength to do so.

1 Takemichi Hanagaki needs physical strength to match his emotional strength (Tokyo Revengers)1640167176 894 10 weakest anime characters who deserve to be strong.webp

Takemichi Hanagaki is the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers who travels in timeAnd while you have the advantage of knowing who is who and what will happen in the near future, the odds are still against you. Takemichi’s meta-knowledge isn’t much of an asset when he’s being beaten up by everyone around him.

Takemichi wears Toman’s uniform, but he’s not on the level of Mikey or Draken. He has endured many beatings and is often mocked, but that would not be the case if this brave boy had some strength and martial arts skills to back up his bold words.