4 comedy animes that you have to see yes or yes

Are you a fan of anime? The truth is that there is nothing better than a good afternoon spent watching animethat no matter what others say, watching anime is the best thing in the world and you only need to see one to fall in love with this genre that has various themes in its classification and you can choose the one you like the most.

From fighting, love and romance stories to horror, you can choose your favorite genre from anime, but since today is Friday and it is a day to be in good spirits after a long week, we are going to talk about the comedy genre. So, we leave you this list so that you can put together the weekend marathon with some projects of comedy to not stop laughing and remember that it is always good to have a smile on your face, what better than watching anime.
It is scientifically proven that laughter has a positive effect as it releases endorphin hormones, laughing helps your body which contributes to physical and psychological well-being, in addition, it generates greater oxygenation in the body and helps reduce anxiety disorders, stress and depression. So now you know, let’s start with laughter therapy with these good anime of comedy that they will surely love.

comedy and humor anime

East anime It consists of 10 episodes and is about Shin Karinou who receives an unexpected visit, a four-year-old boy who will be his new neighbor who has just moved in, but seems to have no family and is also too formal to communicate, as well as being super intelligent and Independent. You can find it on Netflix; this anime was produced by LIDEN FILMS (Tokyo Revengers), and was directed by Tomoe Makino (Woodpecker Detective’s Office).

Each episode lasts 25 minutes, do not despair, the plot develops little by little and in addition to laughing, go solving the mystery of where Kotaro’s parents are, in addition to the fact that the story tells aspects of human development that will make you reflect, as well as dealing with the issue of empathy.

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This anime is a television adoption of the manga and has 11 episodes, the story goes with Lucius Modestus, a Roman architect who finds himself without inspiration in the jale, that is, on any given day. Well, they suggest that he go to a hot springs bath (as it hadn’t occurred to me) and since it’s full of people it causes him more stress, so he tries to escape from the environment by putting his head in the water, only to find a magical portal that transports you to a Japanese public bath of the present time. We won’t tell you anymore why I’m sure you already wanted to see it. It is also available on Netflix.

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East anime It has 12 episodes and tells the story of young Matsuboshi Raidou who wants to make friends in his new school year. As always, something goes wrong and her classmate Reina Aharen ignores him, but he doesn’t give up and looks for ways to strike up a conversation with her. In the end he discovers that she is not ignoring him, only that his voice is so soft that he cannot hear himself. You are going to love it.

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If you like romance and comedy, this is perfect for you. Kaguya and Shirogane, two high school students are in love with each other, logically. But wait, read on. They are too proud to confess their love, since they believe that whoever does it first will lose, so they engage in a fight to see who shows their love less.

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