5 anime series that we already want to see in 2023

2023 is only a few days away and with this it will come a new wave of anime for television. Many of them will be fresh productions; there will be adaptations that come from other media, such as manga.

Likewise, from novels or light novels, which are very popular in Japan, and even from other media such as video games or even multimedia projects. But there will still be others that are very well known.

We refer of course to the sequels, that is, new seasons of already established series. That is something that many fans are waiting to see come true.

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In some cases they are anime that had to rest for a few years. All because the studies in charge had their respective work schedules busy. There is no shortage of those who, due to decisions made by the responsible committees, took a break.

Fountain: LIDEN FILMS.

Ultimately, the companies that make up the committees are the ones who put up the money. Sometimes the release of new seasons is something that is well planned; the goal is to keep the expectation as high as possible.

The anime that will have its continuation in 2023 are not exempt from that. Among all the releases for next year there are some that attract a lot of attention and have large legions of fans.

5 anime series that we already want to see in 2023
Fountain: MAPPA.

What are the biggest anime premieres of 2023?

The following is a list of the 2023 anime that we think are the ones that will attract the most attention, and incidentally, that are sequels to already established series. Without further ado let’s take a look.

Attack on TitanSeason Four, Part 3

Release Date/Window: 2023

The latest installment of the Titans saga and it is not yet known in which month it will be available. This is the end of the day for Eren Jaeger, who now threatens to destroy the world.

So Mikasa Ackerman and her allies must find a way to stop him.

Kimetsu no YaibaThird season

Release Date/Window: April 2023

This is the anime of 2023 that we could not leave out of this list. Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado, as well as Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira, will face new challenges.

In their new adventures they will meet a couple of Pillars that stand out from the rest.

Tokyo RevengersSecond season

Release Date/Window: January 7, 2023

This new wave of episodes is known as Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdownand will show us what happened after the shocking end of the first season.

How did Takemichi Hanagaki survive? We’ll find out very soon in a few weeks.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless ReincarnationSecond season

Release Date/Window: 2023

In 2023 the journey of Rudeus Greyrat will continue in the anime of mushoku tensei. But this time he must increase his knowledge and this will take him to a new center of knowledge.

Of course, magical battles will be the order of the day and new characters will appear.

Jujutsu KaisenSecond season

Release Date/Window: July 2023

Yuji Itadori and his companions are back to face the most fearsome curses. But in addition to them, you have to deal with those who pull the strings behind them.

We all hope that MAPPA surprises us again with the quality of its animation and adaptation.

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