8 essential manga books in Catalan to devour this Nadal

The year 2022 has been key to understand the decided commitment of the publishers that publish manga in Catalan. The lovers of manga culturebasically Japanese but also American and Central-European, have a infinity of libres to devour. By the way, so that Nadal’s vacation period begins, we bring a list of essential sleeves to arrive during these Nadal festivities. Don’t use the lost ones!

And after the holidays do not disconnect, that the 2023 it must be any one great any pel manga in catalàwith the publication, among others freefrom one piece, Ranma 1/2 Yo Haikyuu.

‘My hero academia’ (Comic Planet)

This sleeve of style Shōnendirected to adolescents, has continued one of the main hits of the any of the editorial comic planet. It tells the story of a boy who saves an abuser from death, and when he represents a superpower he can agree to study at an academy for heroes. This series of aviat books will be able to see the new children’s and youth channel SX3.

‘Doctor Slump’ (Comic Planet)

Doctor Slump it’s a manga inspired by the japanese series Homonymous from the 80s. It explains the stories of Professor Sembei Norimaki and his personal creation: a robot in the form of a 13-year-old girl, Arale Norimaki. Most of the homes in Arale are located in Vila Pingüí, where the inhabitants know that she is, in reality, a robot.

‘Dodoma’ (Grup Enciclopèdia)

dodoma he is one of the mangas that yes or yes you have to arrive a cop to life On the pages of the public book for Group Encyclopedia Here you will be able to discover the life of two Germans, Mana and Shino, who live in peace in Wanokuni, one was born wrapped in murs that brought a large tree to the bell mig. When these mysterious nights arrive in Mana, discover the truth of the world that it envelops.

‘Grendel’ (Grup Enciclopèdia)

A grendel You will experience a fantasy life with La Camèlia, a cavalleressa sentenced to death for high treason, who makes an offer from her king to change the one who remains of life. She will be the guardian of a hatchling drake, a species she is believed to be extinct. If she succeeds, she will be pardoned, but if she fails, she will be executed.

‘Tokyo Revengers’ (Editorial Standard)

One of the great bombs of 2022 in the Catalan manga market has been published by Tokyo Revengers as part of the editorial Rule. A psychological thriller for adolescents with doses of violence, gangsters and science fiction. A noi traveled 12 years to warn his family and his ex-parella that they are about to die.

‘Guardians of the night: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ (Editorial Standard)

One of the new series on the SX3 channel is Guardians of the Night: Kimetsu no Yaiba, which has also been published in manga format during this year. It explains the story of a happy boy, Tanjirou Kamado, who one day leaves happily with his family because a devil kills his peers and males his petite six-year-old German.

‘Getter Robot’ (Ooso Comics)

The work of Ken Ishikawa and Gō Nagai, creator, among others, of the popular Mazinger Z, is now a manga for all ages inspired by the Japanese series of the seventies. Ooso Comics publishes a book where the protagonists are three adolescents who practice martial arts, and fight to defend the humanity of l’Imperi Reptilia. They will try to combat the only vius éssers that will survive the extinction living on earth and yearn to conquer the world.