9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement (that are not Isekai)

The isekai genre has been very popular in recent years. Fueled by the worldwide success of Sword Art Online and other similar titles, dozens of series have involved a protagonist living in a real or virtual fantasy world, beginning his life as a new person with new potential.

Although the popularity of the isekai appears to be waning, the central inspiration fueling these fantasies is going nowhere. Everyone wishes, at some point in their life, to be able to go back in time to undo a mistake or relive a moment. In life, what’s done is done. However, in the anime … Even characters who are not in the isekai sometimes have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

9 Arata returns to high school (ReLIFE)

ReLIFE tells the story of a man who has almost given up. Arata is in his twenties, unemployed and unhappy. When he accepts a job in a store, he meets a peculiar stranger who offers him an alternative: Arata can enroll in Project ReLife, which will alter Arata’s appearance, making him look like he is 17 years old again.

Arata returns to the institute with more confidence than he was in his true youth, and the series sidesteps a problematic key issue: To avoid the problematic age difference that the series presents, Arata is determined not to fall in love. Still, there is a lot to relive and a lot of trauma to overcome.

8 Satoru gets a chance to save a childhood friend (deleted)1629016698 774 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

Erased is one of many animes that use the idea of ​​time travel to tell their story. Although the reasons why the protagonist Satoru Fujinuma has the ability to travel to the past in very specific moments are never fully explained, that does not matter. What matters is that this ability gives the story its central plot arc: in a moment of trauma, Satoru travels to the past to inhabit the body of his childhood, with the intention of saving his mother and a classmate who was kidnapped. .

Satoru strives to alter the future, but it is not an easy task. Solving the mystery of precisely what happened to your childhood friend is the key to saving everyone and building a better future.

7 Rintaro experiments with timelines (Steins; Gate)1629016699 526 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

What starts in fun ends in trouble, or so they say. That seems to be the case for Rintaro Okabe, an aspiring mad scientist whose experiments quickly get out of hand. Based on a visual novel, Steins; Gate is set in Akihabara and focuses on Okabe and the friends he has convinced to carry out his crazy plans.

The science becomes all too real when Okabe and his friends develop a microwave that works with a telephone and can send messages to the past. They soon learn to send memories into the past as well, which basically means that characters can ostensibly travel back in time by sending themselves future knowledge in the past. But when an organization called SERN discovers that Okabe has this technology, its agents kill Mayuri, Okabe’s friend, while trying to get it back. Okabe is forced to use his time travel device to try and save Mayuri, but it is not easy to rewrite the established timeline.

6 Takemichi relives his glory days (Tokyo Revengers)1629016699 737 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

Some fans who heard the premise of Tokyo Revengers they immediately thought of Erased. In both series, the protagonist recovers his old body in the real past, with the possibility of reliving his younger years. And yes, both characters want to save a girl. However, despite these similarities, each series has its own identity.

Tokyo Revengers is steeped in nostalgia, a story that tries to relive the glory days of rebellious youth. Although Takemichi longs to save Hinata, he also wants to make more of himself, make the most of those golden summer years he spent recovering from humiliation after a rival gang pricked his ego. As Takemichi becomes more involved in criminal violence, the new friendships he forges make him realize: various of these guys need to be saved.

5 Banri redefines himself after trauma (Golden Time)1629016699 724 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

There is no time travel in Golden Time. In fact, there are no elements of fantasy or science fiction, aside from a single recurring hallucination seen by the tormented protagonist, Tada Banri. Banri is a freshman college student, and at first the show seems to be about life in college. Banri drinks, makes friends and falls in love. The premise seems pretty straightforward.

But Banri, in fact, is already experiencing a second chance, although few realize it. Banri suffered a devastating accident during his high school graduation that left him with a traumatic brain injury and amnesia. He does not know who he is, nor who the others are. Traumatized, Banri has no choice but to endure, forging a new self while haunted by tantalizing clues of who he once was.

4 Makoto Konno learns the value of time travel (The girl who jumped in time)1629016699 647 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

Mamoru Hosoda is one of the most popular anime film directors, and his reputation really took off with The girl who jumped in time. When high school student Makoto Konno discovers that she has the ability to jump in time, she first abuses her gift by using it for trivial things, such as avoiding being late for school and enjoying extended time in a karaoke room. Over and over again, Makoto relives empty moments for fun.

He soon realizes that his actions have consequences and that his chances of going back in time are running out. When things get serious, Makoto has to mature a lot.

3 A soul gets a second chance (colorful)1629016700 151 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

Mental illnesses are as prevalent in the world as they are often trivialized, and Japan is known for having an especially high suicide rate among developed nations. Colorful is a film that knows and addresses this issue, using a unique framework to do so.

The film tells the story of a disembodied soul who receives a second chance at life. Expelled from the afterlife, she is given the opportunity to return to live in the body of another boy, Makoto. Makoto has just attempted suicide, and his new soul must discover Makoto’s biggest mistake within six months.

2 The protagonist starts college again in each episode (The Tatami Galaxy)1629016700 198 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

Making stupid mistakes is part of the traditional college experience. In The Tatami Galaxy, an unnamed third-year student comes to regret his behavior and the decisions he made during his first years of college. She soon meets a strange man who claims to be a god of marriage and finds herself reliving college over and over again.

In each episode, the student starts college again, joining a different school club and making totally different decisions each time. Somehow, your choices often lead to the same unhappiness.

1 Homura tries and tries again to save her first and only friend (Madoka)1629016700 298 9 animes in which the protagonist achieves an improvement that.webp

Homura’s attempts to save Madoka from a terrible fate define her character throughout Puella Magi Madoka Magica. When the audience meets Homura, she seems distant and downright cold. But this tsundere He has his reasons, and Homura’s icy exterior is a facade that he has built as a survival mechanism.

In reality, Homura has lived and suffered several lives before the public knows her, and in each of them, Madoka has died. Using his shield to go back in time, Homura tries again and again to build a past that grants Madoka a happy future.