A special edition of the Barcelona Comic Fair on its 40th anniversary

The event turns 40 editions and celebrates it with a program that reviews its history and that of the environment within our borders.

40th anniversary of the Barcelona Comic Fair

Barcelona comic celebrates its 40th birthday, and it does so with a different and very special edition that aims to attract all kinds of audiences, from the family or occasional visitor to the usual fan. In its extensive program it will feature a series of events around this remarkable event, with an exhibition as the backbone that will review the history of the festival since its inception.

This same exhibition has a second block dedicated to reviewing everything that has happened in the world of comics since the first edition of the Fair took place, proposing a historical vision of the evolution of this art in parallel, illustrated with a timeline that indicates some of the most important events of these four decades.

The exhibition will show a timeline that indicates some of the most important events of these four decades in relation to the world of comics.

A special edition of the Barcelona Comic Fair on its
Poster of the first salon of the comic

This exhibition will be complemented by various round tables, scheduled in the Sala Cómic 4, which will review these 40 years of the history of the Fair and the history of comics in our borders, with some of its main protagonists: award-winning authors, editors, collaborators, disseminators… Thus, they will talk about comics and their authorship and evolution at different times, debating topics such as what it means to make the Barcelona Comic poster.

On this 40th birthday, the focus has been especially on the world of national authorship, with which this year the Barcelona Comic has more guests than ever, with a long list of national artists, the longest ever made with artists autochthonous All of them will participate in meetings, round tables and other activities.

In addition, the festival will feature international authors such as Jacques Tardi, Peter Bagge, Brecht Evens or Kat Leyh, among other recognized stars.

miguel gallardo award

Apart from the 40th birthday exhibition, in this 40th edition of Cómic Barcelona you can also see an exhibition dedicated to Aroha Travé, an author who won the Author/a Revelation award last year. An award that this year has changed its name: from now on this award will bear the name of Miguel Gallardo, a very important author in our comic history and also closely linked to the Hall itself, who left us this year.

«Gallardo will be very present in this edition, thanks to the exhibition that we have dedicated to him and the screening of the documentary “María y yo”, among other actions».

40th anniversary Barcelona Comic Fair
Miguel Gallardo

comic kids

At a time when the art of cartoons is becoming more and more present in cultural life, comics are capturing more and more readers of different ages. With this idea, the 40th Comic Barcelona wants to promote the Comic Kids section this year, designed for an audience between 5 and 12 years old, with proposals that can be enjoyed by the whole family: drawing workshops, comics, exhibitions, screenings and meetings with authors of children’s and youth comics.

The space also has regular sections such as Comic Play, with different proposals to have fun through comics; Comic Chapa, a service to turn children’s drawings into badges; and the CómicTeca, where they can read some of the latest novelties in children’s and youth comics. A way to share the passion for comics with the little ones in the house. On Sunday, Cómic Kids will also have a place in our movie theater, with the screening of “Ainbo, guerrera de l’Amazones” (in Catalan); and for the smallest cosplay lovers, there will also be a parade on Sunday at 12pm.

fantasy comic

Cómic Fantasy is the new section of Cómic Barcelona that wants to show how close we are to the world of role-playing games, board games and, in general, the worlds proposed by genres such as science fiction and fantasy. In this space of Palace 2 you will find role-playing and simulation clubs and associations, you can either play sitting at the tables (in some cases, with the game designers themselves) or run around a bit with the live role-playing game of Humans vs. Zombies.

In this section you can also enjoy two exhibitions.

40th anniversary Barcelona Comic Fair
40th anniversary of the Barcelona Comic Fair

The first is “Drawing the games, playing with drawings”, a collaborative exhibition that includes some of the most role-playing authors such as Laurielle, Sergio Morán, Andrés Palomino, Chema Pamundi, Emma Ríos, Sara Soler, Joan Tretze and including Alex de la Iglesia. The second exhibition, entitled “Role Playing Games: Chronicles and Systems”, features a selection of original role playing games from the 1980s to the present day, which have been donated by various collectors. The space has the collaboration of the NGO Ayudar Jugando, which will help everyone find fantastic games to start with or play like an expert, always within the framework of its charitable initiative.

vision comic

Cómic Vision aims to reflect the current connections between the audiovisual medium, cinema and series, with the world of comics. In recent years, the great multiscreen successes have been adaptations of comic strips and many artists move between both disciplines. Cartoons have become a kind of R&D laboratory for the film industry.

Cartoons have become a kind of R&D laboratory for the film industry.

In this new section we will have guests who move between both arts and we will reflect on their interactions and relationships. In addition, the Auditorium of Palace 5 will become a movie theater, where we will be able to see proposals of all kinds: films (Ninjababy, Gora Automatikoa), documentaries about comics (Ladroncómix: Tinta y Alto Voltaje de Rock & Roll) and also lands with forces the premiere anime (The Haunted House on the Cape) and the live-action adaptation of one of the great recent manga hits (Tokyo Revengers).

40th anniversary Barcelona Comic Fair
40th anniversary of the Barcelona Comic Fair

pro comic

The professional zone, Cómic Pro, will once again become the space for networking, thought, action and opportunities for the sector with the aim of connecting the national comic industry with renowned international publishers and agents, publicizing our talents and generating opportunities. business for the participants.

Cómic Barcelona will open its doors from May 6 to 8, in palaces 5, 2, 2.1 and Plaça Univers of Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, with important novelties, and with the aim of establishing itself as the great meeting point for national and international comics . At Cómic Barcelona you will be able to enjoy an edition that is celebrated for many reasons, with an event that returns to face-to-face events offering many more activities, authors, exhibitors and spaces than ever before, both for professionals and the general public.

A special edition of the Barcelona Comic Fair on its