‘Alice in Borderland’: Differences between the Netflix series and the original manga

Since we are in the middle of the debate of whether ‘The Squid Game’ or ‘Alice in Borderland’ is better, we took your attention to explain that wishing for a less monotonous life has its risks and the mangaka Haro Aso wrote it.

On something we agree, putting The Squid Game and Alice in Borderland to fight is unnecessary, so if you are from the group that only has fun watching two fandoms fight each other And this already took away their desire to even start watching the Japanese show, they have a much more purist alternative, calm, away from Netflix and with the comfort of being out of virtual fights: take a look at the manga of Alice in Borderland online and read each of the 64 numbers written by Haro Aso.

It began to be published in 2010 in the Shonen Sunday Super and ended in 2015 in the Weekly Shonen Sunday, the fourth most popular magazine in Japan, behind the unrivaled Weekly Shonen Jump Shonen Magazine and Young Jump, nothing more and nothing less than the pages that housed and still follow the stories of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Yu Gi Oh !, The Knights of the Zodiac, Tokyo Revengers and Superchamps. From here you can already understand that Alice in Borderland it’s not just any story.

Arisu He is 18 years old and a complete loser, lover of video games and pornographic magazines; Chouta He is hopeless, he is a drunkard and pervert by nature. Both are fed up with being beaten, taking exams and the transition to adult life nothing else is given to them, they dream of a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are the biggest concern and parents don’t exist. Be careful what they wish for, a strong explosion may fulfill their wish like the two of them and their friend Karube.

‘The Squid Game’ or ‘Alice in Borderland’? Fans debate which is the best series

After stating his wishes, including the hackneyed pubertal dream of being on an island full of women, They wake up in the deserted city and a woman appears to tell them that they arrived in a country where the only way out is surviving to the dangers within. “If they keep thinking that this is a dream, they will die,” he explains. The first game is the role of fortune, and a rain of a million burning arrows warned them that death is stalking them.


The series and the manga have big differences

A simple warning for everything that was to come, all for wishing a less boring life and away from responsibilities. And here is the interesting thing: from the first game the manga and the Netflix series are completely separated. There is no relationship, because in the adaptation the first game involves five people and they do not submit to the role of fortune, where the margin of error is the total number of arrows shot to punish them, but they choose a door to leave a room before to catch fire, the safe zone game being the second in the manga.

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‘Alice in Borderland’ will get season two

Natural situation taking into account that, perhaps, the rain of arrows did not provide as many visual elements as the danger in the room, but fortunately expiration shots prevail, gusts in the sky that kill every participant of the game with an expired visa. If a test doesn’t kill you, this flash from the sky will kill you, leaving your brains drained where it will surprise you in the wild land of Borderland. Visas are earned by completing a test and days are awarded depending on the difficulty passed. Oh and its anime version, naturally, faithfully adapts what was published.

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If the visa expires, so do you!

The tests that the participants undergo are determined by cards: aces indicate a physical challenge, clubs indicate teamwork and diamonds push a mental challenge to the limit, that’s why fans argue in their debates that the squid can make you sweat, but Borderland squeezes you from all sides with its deadly versions of the catches, the wolf, the safe zone, blackjack, alien invasion, mahjong, osmosis, among others that have not been adapted in the first season, but yes they will do in the second, which continues in filming with a probable premiere in 2022.