All Funimation anime content becomes part of Crunchyroll

We have just witnessed the birth of the largest anime catalog available in Spain. Funimation is a platform that distributes this art to 52 countries and in 10 different languagesand now all that will become part of Crunchyroll in a definitive alliance to enjoy all the anime content that we want until we burst. Wakanim, the subsidiary of the aforementioned Funimation, will join the VRV subsidiary to generate this new subscription service. anime like My Hero Academia, naruto shippuden and JUJUTSU KAISENas well as others like tokyo avengers and Fruit Basket will be available on a single platform.

Funimation did not close its doors, of course, since brand new anime episodes are already underway, and for all the news, users should go through Crunchyroll to keep up to date. In addition, users who create an account now, and as a welcome, will receive 60 days of Crunchyroll for free. Although not all, of course, Funimation, Wakanim and VRV subscribers who are chosen will receive an email.

A gigantic move

This takeover by Crunchyroll is of course a very strong blow on the table. We are talking about the fact that at the moment, the platform has no direct competition and has to its credit the largest catalog of anime that we can find in streaming, supplying episodes to a generous number of countries and practically simultaneous premieres since its broadcast in Japan. Fans of anime are in luck and now they have one more reason to subscribe to this platform, which is undoubtedly becoming the mother of the genre right now.