American comic book production in trouble due to paper shortage

The paper shortage is dangerously affecting the comic book industry. According to reports from His house, one of the largest printing companies located in the United States has recently revealed that they are having serious problems with the price and distribution of paper. The world of comics, books and everything that needs paper are very vulnerable to problems that are related to printing, although the aforementioned means indicate that working with paper and reproducing images is more complicated in comics than not so much in conventional books.

This problem related to the lack of paper supply is affecting from the smallest companies, up to two great titans such as Marvel and DC, who are experiencing delays in the distribution of comics and have stock problems. In view of this situation, which seems to go a long way as it is believed that will run until the first quarter of 2022, American printing companies informed publishers of their situation and stated that “there is simply not enough papermaking capacity to meet domestic demand.” Paper supply chains in the United States depend on imports from Europe and Asia; Supply has slowed down due to rising container costs, lack of space on ships and numerous delays at ports.

Various delays in publications of Norma Editorial

The gravity of the paper supply situation is such that until Editorial Standard has released an official statement to inform about what will happen with the news that were to arrive at the end of the year. This results in Many of the titles that were scheduled to debut between November and December will receive a new release date.. The titles scheduled for October 29 that have been affected by the lack of raw material and that will be published on November 26 or December 10 are the following: Magasin Gnral integral 3, De capa y colmillos integral 2, Strangers in paradise integral 3, The true lives of the fabulous Killjoys 1. California, AIDP integral 8, Calendario adviento Friends and Harry Potter advent calendar. On the other hand, the titles that will arrive on November 12 are Tokyo Revengers and On the head of Sherlock Holmes.

Purchase orders are accumulated and companies are forced to pay before delivery instead of the 150 days they had margin after the order was served.

According to reports from El Pas, the paper industry has reoriented its production towards cardboard for packaging to the detriment of paper reels, a decision that was made after the halt caused by the coronavirus in the management of Canadian and European forests. In short, although only 3% of paper consumption is destined to the production of books, its price has increased by up to 30% so far this year in Spain. As we have pointed out previously, there are several editors who admit that “purchase orders are accumulating” and that also now “force you to pay before delivery instead of the up to 150 days that gave you margin after the order was served. “. Ediciones La Cpula has also been affected by the situation.