American fans criticize animation of latest ‘Tokyo Revengers’ episode

There are no days without controversy on the Internet and this time it is the turn of one of the most popular anime of the season, ‘Tokyo Revengers’, to get criticism from American fans.

It all started with the premiere of episode number 19 of the first season last weekend, which showed the beginning of the battle between the Tokyo Manji and Valhalla.

Here both gangs showed what would be the third match of the series and everything points to how many were disappointed with the performance of the animation team in LIDEN FILMS.

According to certain fans, the animation was not only poor in execution, but also scarce, resorting to close-ups that showed little of the action in which the protagonists were.

“The most recent episode of Tokyo Revengers was disappointing. The animation completely declined and it was not up to the fight between Toman and Moebius ”.

Despite the criticism, many pointed out that although the episode is not the one that best represents the series, there were redeemable aspects such as good choreography and high-quality illustrations.

“It’s a shame that Tokyo Revengers doesn’t have any production value. The fights are decently choreographed and feel visceral despite the limited animation. “

In itself, everything seems to point to budget problems for the studio that in the past was in charge of animes like ‘Hataraku Saibo: Black’, but we must not forget that ‘Tokyo Revengers’ was distinguished from the beginning by its history, not by its animation.

“It’s respectable if you don’t like animation, but this studio was in its last stages, it was the only one that bet on Tokyo Revengers and with the amazing and exponential success that it is obtaining, surely we will have a second season and maybe the animation is better because they will get more money ”.

Do you think the most recent episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ drastically improved the animation? Tell us in the comments.