An international coalition to combat piracy to begin operations in April – Kudasai

In April this year, a global coalition against piracy will be launched, led by the Foreign Content Distribution Association (CODA), based in Japan. The organization will be made up of thirty-two members, including Japanese publishers such as Kodansha, the streaming giant Netflix, and the Motion Picture Association (MPAA), the China Copyright Society and the Korea Copyright Protection Agency. Organizations from South Korea, Vietnam and other countries in the Southeast Asian region are also expected to join.

The director of the CODA, Masaharu Ina, talked with TorrentFreak stating that their plan was to launch around April. The objective is to be able to locate the pirates, wherever they are, and to be able to help local governments in their investigations. According to the same report from Nikkei Asia, piracy cost the manga industry in Japan about 800 billion yen (about 6.95 billion dollars) in the period from January to October 2021. This is more than the entire authorized publications market, estimated at 600 billion yen annually. Meanwhile, the damage in the United States is greater, exceeding one trillion yen a year.

In addition, data from ABJ, a Tokyo-based group that works against pirated content, indicates that the top ten piracy sites had about 200 million visits from Japan in December 2020 alone. This was an estimated loss over 41.4 billion yen ($ 394 million) in the anime and manga industry.

Japan began enforcing stricter copyright laws in 2020. In recent years, some notable piracy sites have been shut down. Some examples are websites KissAnime Y KissManga, which offered English translations of pirated content, and which were closed in 2020. Last year, the site operator Mangamura was sentenced to three years in prison, after the Japanese website was shut down in 2018.

The Foreign Content Distribution Association (CODA) was created in July 2013 by a group of private companies, after the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan urged them to do so. Its objective is to fight against piracy in the national and international manga and anime industry. Among its members are Aniplex, KADOKAWA, Good Smile Inc, KODANSHA, Sunrise, SHUEISHA Inc, Shin-ei Animation, Studio Ghibli Y Sony Music Entertainment. Other members are Tezuka Productions, Toei Animation, TMS ENTERTAINMENT, Japan Electronic Book Publishers Association, BANDAI NAMCO ARTS, Bushiroad Y Production I.G.

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