And they said it was not art: Tokyo Revengers will have its own exhibition | EarthGamer

The manga of Tokyo Revengers It is currently one of the most popular in Japan. But much of this popularity is due more than anything to his anime, which is made by LIDEN FILMS, and for his movie live-action.

That allowed more people to learn about the work of the mangaka Ken Wakui, which apparently is already in its final stretch. But before the denouement arrives, the series will have its own exhibition that will be held in that nation.

The exhibition will open its doors in early 2022

Artwork not seen before will be featured in this exhibit, so those who have enjoyed the various incarnations of the franchise will enjoy fresh new things.

According to plan, it will open its doors from January 29 to February 14 of next year. That will be in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Tokyo. It will not be a free presentation, but it will have a cost. The normal ticket will cost 2,000 yen ($ 362.28 Mexican pesos).

But they will not be the only ones available for this exhibition of Tokyo Revengers. There will be others who will participate in a lottery and those lucky ones who win will participate in more drawings. So they can win some exclusive extras.

The price of these tickets will be 4,500 yen ($ 815.14 Mexican pesos). What is still a mystery is what the prizes that the attendees will get are about. It is to be imagined that we will have to wait for more details.

And they said it was not art: Tokyo Revengers will have its own exhibition

Tokyo Revengers continues to maintain its popularity

With 24 volumes published so far, the work of Wakui it has enough material for such a display. It is to be imagined that not everything will be 100% new designs.

Surely content you used will also be used LIDEN FILMS to animate the manga and related to the film with real actors. These types of exhibitions are frequent in the country of the Rising Sun. Bleach, My Hero Academia and more series have had them.

They can even be performed posthumously, as was the case in Berserk, which took place weeks after the death of its creator, Kentaro Miura. What is much rarer is that they reach the West.

Sometimes these exhibits have virtual tours, which are accessible from any fan’s internet. Sometimes they are free, and sometimes they are paid. But it does not seem to be the case with this Tokyo Revengers.