Anime 2021: top 10 best husbandos of the season, from Hamefura to Tokyo Revengers

The members of the fandom otaku every year they go through an intense debate Who is the ‘best husbando‘? Every year, a large number of anime are released on various platforms, so it is a real challenge to decide which boy could occupy the throne of the best. A few months before the end of 2021 and after an intense analysis of the comments on social networks, we finally have a final ranking.

All those selected for this top were chosen by taking into account their appearance, personality and the contribution they had in their respective animation, in addition to evaluating the relationship they had with the protagonist of their series. Another important point is how popular they have been on social networks.

These are the 10 best husbandos until September 2021:

This character is one of the most beloved in the Hamefura series. He is the heir to the crown and fiancee of Catarina, as well as one of those who is shaping up to become the partner of the protagonist. His cold personality at the beginning of the first season gradually changed to the point of becoming one of the most trusted friends.

  • Ninomiya Kinji –Meikyuu black company

A young nini who with his ingenuity managed to get ahead, to the point of becoming the greatest businessman in Japan. However, from one day to the next his lifestyle is interrupted by being transported to an isekai where he has to strive to start his empire from scratch. Despite the fact that so far he does not have a great love development, it is presumed that he could become related to the young heroine who is part of his team.

  • Rimuru Tempest –Tensei shitara data slime ken

Another isekai protagonist who had to start his life from scratch in an unknown world and turned into a slime. Rimuru was little by little evolving and unifying all the creatures of the Jura forest. Despite having found the love of his life, they could not be together for long, since she had been condemned to die by a curse. From then on, the protagonist adopts an appearance very similar to that of his beloved.

Geordo, Ninomiya and Rimuru poster. Photo: composition

  • Yoh Asakura – Shaman king

The young man who seeks to become the shaman king to live his days in peace. After almost 10 years, he returned to the small screen with the remake of his series and has once again attracted the attention of the entire fandom, mostly to discover how his relationship with Anna will develop.

  • Uramichi Onoda –Uramichi oniisan

Despite having a very cheerful appearance, do not be fooled, since Uramichi is a young university graduate who works as an entertainer for a children’s program. Although deep down I wish I had a much better life, his great looks and extreme sincerity have made him enter the hearts of fans.

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One more protagonist created by the mangaka Hiro Mashima. In the new anime Edens zero is where thousands of followers were waiting to finally see the conclusion of a relationship between the protagonists, in this case between Shiki and Rebecca.

Póster de Yoh Asakura, Uramichi Onoda y Shiki. Foto: composición

  • Rio Haruto –Seirei gensouki

A young man who, after dying in an accident, is transported to a strange world in which he takes the place of a child who lives in poor neighborhoods. From then on he begins to look for a way to endure and that is how he enters a school for nobles, where he begins a journey through various kingdoms.

  • Koushi Nagumo –Megami-ryou no ryoubo-kun

A high school boy who lost his home in a fire. At that moment, not knowing what to do, he ends up becoming the manager of a dormitory in which five college girls reside. Love will be born in the midst of duty. Who will the protagonist choose?

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  • Iruma Suzuki –Mairimashita Iruma-kun

Definitely the definition of chivalry. Iruma, despite having been kidnapped from the human world and taken to the underworld, ends up adapting. His days of fear end and now he is a boy with great confidence, who has stolen the hearts of more than one girl without realizing it, especially Ameri.

Haruto, Koushi and Iruma poster. Photo: composition

  • Mikey y Draken – Tokyo revengers

Choosing between one of these two is impossible, since both in the manga and in the anime they form an inseparable pair. Mikey and Draken are the leaders of the Touman gang, a group that seeks to grow throughout Japan under the premise of: “All for one and one for all.”

Mikey and Draken are leaders of their bands. Photo: Linden films