Anime Live: the concert with your favorite anime songs

do you love the classical music? Are you fascinated by anime? Well, you won’t find a more winning combo than the concert Anime Livea symphonic homage to the music and themes of classic and popular anime.

The otaku culture It reaches more and more spaces of our lives and it is not a complaint at all, because it is already quite easy to introduce yourself to this world and one of those ways is through music.

And it is that who did not sing “Saint Seiya, young warriors”either “Like if a volcano erupted” or even “A kaleidoscope is my heart”. If you read one or more of these phrases while singing, then hold on this concert interests youa.

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Taking orchestral music to a new level

Just as we have seen symphonic concerts with the music of star WarI’m one of the most famous movies of Hollywoodnow comes this otaku experience developed by Symphonic Experienceand.

Dante Diazproject manager, talks in interview Animal MX that he is well aware that “most symphony and philharmonic in CDMX it has very traditional repertoires and it’s fine”. But it is also necessary to find other ways to bring people closer to this type of music that is considered traditional.

Therefore, for him it is important that there is something like Symphonic Experiencebecause it lets you see that people who are already close to this genre, as it is present in movies, video games and series.

Likewise, he and his team know that the wave of anime in Mexico is with everything and that it is impossible to ignore. Like many of us, Dante Díaz saw anime as a boy thanks to open television, but over time he lost track of it.

But now, thanks to his taste for music, he began to get more into that world. “I didn’t know Attack on Titanbut I heard the music and that’s how I started to see it. That’s how I became a fan of anime and now I’m all nailed watching it “.

If you haven’t seen that anime either, here you can listen to the first opening “Guren no Yumiya” performed in live by the band LinkedHorizon:

It is precisely this experience that he wants to share with the concert of Anime Liveso he hopes it will be an experience for both people who only locate classic titles and sailor Moon either dragonball, as for the most nailed otakus.

And that is why he curated the songs that will be performed at this event with Isaac Ramos “who knows the cCrunchyroll’s catalog complete”. So Dante makes sure that the setlist is tight and guaranteed.

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Anime Live, a concert with your favorite openings live

And when will this great event be? The date is next Saturday, July 30 at the Angela Peralta Theater, in Polanco. For now it is the only date, but rest assured that we will have more Symphonic Experience events.

At the concert you will see an orchestra between 40 and 45 musicians who will perform openings and selected pieces from more than 20 anime. These range from classics like Pokemon, Knights of the Zodiac either sailor Mooneven titles like demon slayer, one piece Y Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Dante Díaz tells us that not only will the orchestra be present, as there are songs that make a spectacular mix of classical music with rock/metal, so there will also be a band.

And yes, all the songs that have a voice will also be sung live in Spanish or Japanese depending on how they were released in our country. So in total, you will see about 60 people on stage.

Dante Díaz also tells us that Anime Live is more than a concert, because “It’s an experience.” He relates it a lot to what is experienced in a convention, because in addition to the fact that he expects people to be dressed as their favorite characters, there will be presence of cosplayers who will be giving autographs and photos.

Will also be Víctor Ruíz, dubbing actor behind Saitama in One Punch ManMegumi Fushiguro in jujutsu kaisen and Draken in tokyo avengers.

Accompanying him will be the actress from Ana Lobo dubbingwho is most famous in the otaku world for being one of Ahome’s voices in Inuyasha and Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan.

In addition, during the Anime Live concert there will also be booths selling Japanese food and drinks. You’d better put your wallet away, too, because there will even be a sale on collectibles from your favorite anime.

Tickets are on sale now and you find them here. They go from $450 to $570, depending on the area. The concert starts at 6:00 p.m., but access to the open-air theater will be from 4:30 p.m.