Announced Tokyo Revengers Extra, the manga that will extend the life of the work a little more

tokyo avengers“comes this week to your conclusion and, according to what my colleague Pablo has told me due to the reactions of the leaks on Twitter, it seems that there will be more than one somewhat disgusted with the conclusion of the manga (insert flashback of people angry because they did not like the closing of “Attack to the Titans”). That said, although the main story has concluded, the truth is that Ken Wakui still has a few more things to tell, and that is why “Tokyo Revengers Extra” has been announced..

Tokyo Revengers Extra is the ‘new’ manga that will explore the past of several characters

Then I leave you with the official image that have been rescued from ShonenLeaks:

Then, What exactly is the “Tokyo Revengers Extra” manga about? Well, neither more nor less than the following:

  • Tokyo Avengers Extra will feature a total of 8 chapters that will be in charge of exploring the past of several members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. ❗
  • When does your publication start? Well, this very week, and it is that will accompany what will be the final chapter of Tokyo Avengers. ✔️
  • Although it has not been confirmed, it is to be assumed that Tokyo Revengers Extra will take advantage of the space of the main story in Shūkan Shōnen Magazine, the weekly publication that had been collecting Ken Wakui’s manga chapters to date. ❓
  • Wakui-sensei has not commented on what he will do after finishing this ‘Extra’ section of the manga, but it is assuming that at least he is going to take an important break after 5 years drawing nonstop.

The truth is that it couldn’t be a better time for “Tokyo Revengers” to end its manga and start this little ‘Extra’, well will end up coinciding with what comes to be the start of anime season 2 in January 2023. Again, as much as Wakui-sensei has finally said ‘this far’, Takemichi’s story still has a lot to explore.

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