Artist Harshly Criticized Redesigning Spy x Family’s Anya – Geek Alert

There is no doubt that the premiere of Spy x Family It has been one of the most anticipated by several enthusiasts. Since 2020 that fans of the work of Tatsuya Endo They have cataloged it as one of the most anticipated adaptations, and apparently, they are not going to give in to any unofficial change, not even of artists on twitter.

A new controversy regarding the adaptation became viral, when the user SoulKingLives showed in the social network a dark skin redesign of Anya Forger, young psychic deuteragonist of the series. The illustrator is known for redesigning her skin tone, changing her to characters from jujutsu kaisen, tokyo avengers, Ranking of Kingsamong many more.

Unfortunately, the change regarding the young Forger was not well received by the fans, who criticized this change in comments, also adding a series of racist sayings.

  • Unrealistic. Why is this necessary? I don’t care what color change you’re doing here, it’s just weird.
  • You forgot to Photoshop the father out of the photo.
  • This image is fake because if it were real, the dad would not be there.
  • She looks cute, but the best thing you can do is create her and put her next to Anya. Without taking away the Anya we know. Like twins.
  • Stop ruining anime characters before they legalize lynching.
  • Spy x fatherless home
  • Why was this normalized?
  • Just make an original character, or is it really hard to do?
  • And here we have another character “I can’t make my own black original character, so I retouch a black one from an existing one”
  • So black people are trying to encourage more black characters in anime, but redrawing characters in fan art is a problem now? There is no need to whitewash characters when 90% of them are already white… as if they all want to be oppressed.

«people in the comments«

Blackwashing, a term used to obscure a character who is originally white, has always been in controversy, because many consider that it reinforces racism, instead of lessening it.

Taking into account that these are editions made by fans, the use of occupying intellectual property without permission is also added, changing the guidelines of its original creation. The author of Anya’s drawing has also not tried to lower the profile of the matter, insulting the criticism he has had.

«Ehhhhhhh this is what I see: artists attacked for making black characters lighter. Black artists make light characters black. Crazy people. Black people think it’s because people just hate black people. Blacks do what pisses people off regardless. It’s a pretty clear cycle for me“, indicates a comment in response to the work.

«You sound dumb as hell. You are all talking like crazy on the internet, but you wouldn’t dare say any of this in front of any of our faces.«, writes the artist.

Spy x Family premiered on April 9, being one of the premiere series of the Japanese spring season 2022. In Latin America it is being broadcast by the streaming service Crunchyrollwhich will broadcast its SimulDub in Latin Spanish starting next April 24.