Attack on titan, season 4 part 2: premiere will be in 2022, as confirmed by NHK

We finally have a release date for Attack on titan, final season: part 2. The announcement came during a concert on the themes of the iconic anime, which was broadcast live to the entire world last weekend in Japan.

The NHK web portal, the channel that broadcasts the anime, reported that Shingeki no kyojin will no longer present its chapter 76, titled Danzai, in December 2021, as had been speculated, but on a new date.

Attack on titan final season release date

The anime’s official Twitter account confirmed that Attack on titan final season coming to january 2022, with MAPPA again as responsible for the animation. Apart from the return, it has been revealed that prior to the premiere there will be a summary of what happened to date in the anime and various DVDs will be issued focusing on characters such as Levi, Annie and Mikasa.

Attack on titan will present the closing of its fine season in January 2022. Photo: NHK

Regarding the plot, for the protagonists of Attack on Titan, the titans are no longer the only adversaries they must overcome, since as the chapters go by, they will have to rethink their past and their actions in the future. Since each cast member’s internal battles will peak, the anime’s closing will be one that viewers will want to see.

Primera imagen de la parte 2 de Shingeki no Kyojin 4. Foto: MAPPA Studios

It’s safe to say that fans can look forward to wild and exciting chapters, after the first part of Shingeki no kyojin season 4 became a worldwide phenomenon.

¿ De qué trata Shingeki no Kyojin?

Many years ago, humanity was on the brink of extinction with the appearance of giant creatures that devoured people. By fleeing, the people managed to survive in a fortified city with high walls, whose purpose was to protect men and women from the Titans. Now, that peace is about to be interrupted by a chain of events that will lead to the unveiling of what these monsters are and how they appeared in your world.