“Become a member of Valhalla”: the “recruitment” in schools that worries parents from Mendoza


Many moms and dads shared with ELNUEVE.COM a flyer that talks about a Team Valhalla and an alleged recruitment. Some WhatsApp audios generated panic among parents. What is it about?

A flyer next to a WhatsApp audio is generating resentment in the Mendoza community.

This time, parents contacted ELNUEVE.COM concerned about a “Team Valhalla” flyer that invites students to be recruited and be part of The Headless Angel.

This image has been replicated in WhatsApp audios accompanied by an audio from a woman who indicates that it is “of an incitement to suicide” something similar to what was lived long ago with the Blue Whale Game.

What does justice say?

The Mendoza Justice is aware of this “recruitment” due to informal complaints, although it is still It is unknown if there are any formal complaints.

In the same way, they recommend not communicating with the numbers until verifying what it is, especially considering that it circulates among minors.

What is the image that is shared and the Team Valhalla?

Another theory that exists is that this recruitment is to be part of a video game. The image of Valhalla next to the headless angel comes from a anime known as Tokyo Revengers, a Japanese school drama.

Kazutora Hanemiya Valhalla GIFfrom Kazutora Hanemiya GIFs

From that manga series, many young people have taken the Valhalla group chart to make their own teams in various games such as Call Of Duty.

This image is well known in the Otaku environment and their t-shirts, hats and divers can be obtained through various oriental shopping apps and even through Mercado Libre

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In the norse mythology Valhalla is a huge and majestic hall located in the city of Asgard ruled by Odin where warriors killed in battle go.

Is there someone behind the numbers?

NINE.COM tried to communicate with the numbers inside the Flyer. There was an answer, that is, one of the numbers is real, but then the communication was cut off and they did not answer again.