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Belle’s entry will be accompanied by an exclusive poster

Against the Current Films has published in his twitter account an interesting promotion for the premiere of belle, the latest film by Mamoru Hosoda. The distributor has commented that the ticket pre-purchase will be accompanied by exclusive materialin this case, the official movie poster. This can be achieved by official website and it will only be available until next March 13. the long-awaited tape will premiere in Spanish movie theaters next March 25th.

This will be the third movie from Hosoda come to our country hand in hand with the Barcelona distributor. So much The boy and the beast What look my little sister premiered in movie theaters and platformsand both have physical special editionswith that of look arriving in stores at the end of the year 2021. In both cases, the films went through the Spanish festival circuit such as San Sebastián or Sitges, earning applause and good reviews from the public.

belle managed to sell in its first weekend in Japanese theaters more than 600,000 tickets, totaling 891,663,200 yen (around 6.8 million euros), which placed it in the Japanese box office number onedisplacing the live-action of tokyo avengers to the second position. These figures also make belle at Best Opening for a Hosoda Filman honor he held to date The boy and the beast.

Hosoda directs and scripts one of his films again, this time with an unparalleled technical team. Taisei Iwasaki is part of the project as musical director and composer of the film, while the architect and designer Eric Wong He contributes his knowledge as the creator of the conceptual art of “U”, the virtual world that forms the backbone of the film’s plot. Jim Kin (Frozen, Tangled, Vaiana) puts his grain of sand designed to the character of belleand the artist Akiya Kageichi is in charge of drawing the original design of Dragon. The direction of the animations in “U” is in charge of Takaaki Yamashitawith Hiroyuki Aoyama (look my little sister) taking care of the sections focused on the real world and the design of the characters in these fragments. For its part, Nobutaka Ike is the art director in charge of the funds, anri jojo is responsible for stage art and Ryo Horibe and yohei shimozawa they are the directors at the helm of 3D CGI animation.

The film follows Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student who lives in a rural town with her father. For years, she has only been a shadow of her former self. One day, Suzu enters U, a virtual world of five billion members online, and becomes Belle, a world-famous singer. Belle soon encounters a mysterious creature with whom she embarks on a journey of adventure and love in her quest to become who she truly is.

Source: Against the Current Films