Best cosplays of the week with ‘Tokyo Revengers’ and ‘Death Note’

7 days have passed and that can only mean one thing and that is that the best cosplays of the week return once again with recreations of your favorite characters from the world of anime.

This time you will find the protagonists of series such as ‘Tokyo Revengers’, ‘Death Note’, ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and many more, so do not hesitate to take a look below.

Tokyo Revengers – Chifuyu Matsuno


The last chapter of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ has shown us the beginning of what will be a confrontation to the death between the Tokyo Manji and Valhalla and everything seems to indicate that Matsuno will be a key piece to avoid bloodshed.

As the vice captain of the first division and the only one who fully understands what Baji thinks, Matsuno, embodied by the cosplayer Mati, and Takemichi must join forces and thus rescue everyone from the hands of Kisaki Tetta.

Death Note – Misa Amane


Seeing a Mass in cosplay is nostalgic, after all there is no convention of ten years ago that will not feature the model that seized the hearts of all lovers of ‘Death Note’.

The reason for bringing the notebook holder and ally of Yagami Light this time is because the authors of ‘Death Note’ are back with a new anime under the title of ‘Platinum End’, so we could not waste the opportunity to see Mass again hand in hand with Inq.

Dragon Ball – Bulma


None of the ‘Dragon Ball’ characters looked as good as Bulma in her biker outfit during her journey in search of the Dragon Balls, something Vegeta’s wife and his wife have in common. la cosplayer Hayaka Yamagami.

The Japanese cosplayer helps us this week to shed light on the most recent previews of the next film in the franchise under the title of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes’ that were revealed in the [email protected]

Jujutsu Kaisen – Toge Inumaki


We could not leave the top without one of the protagonists of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie’, the film that will prequel to the first season of Gege Akutami’s manga adaptation.

Just this week we got a chance to take a look at their first promo teaser, giving us a great excuse to bring Inumaki, recreated by el cosplayer Peach.

Death Note – L


The truth is that we thought we would only include Misa in this top, but if there is the queen of home cosplays, then there may also be the king of the low budget, the brilliant detective, L.

Of course, the big difference between those we saw in the past and the recreation of the cosplayer Mati it is the attention to the last detail, including the flip phone that we thought was extinct.

One Piece – Sanji


Each of the straw hat pirates has something in which they stand out above all the others and in the case of Sanji, his cuisine is not only the most delicious, it is also thought about the needs of each of his nakamas.

Although we already know his strengths, Eiichiro Oda revealed Sanji’s profession a few days ago, embodied by Enyen, if it existed in the real world, giving you the opportunity to become a stylist, what do you think?

Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartfilia


Since Gust and Koei Tecmo revealed RPG of ‘Fairy Tail’ the fans of the members of the fairy kingdom had been left without new news of the franchise or at least they believed so.

In the future it is possible that the star spirit mage, modeled by Kalli, come back and this time the rumors suggest that it will be in the Epic Games game, ‘Fortnite’, just like Naruto soon.

With Lucy Heartfilia we say goodbye to the best cosplays of the week, we hope you enjoyed them and do not forget to tell us which was your favorite in the comments.