Better than the Xbox Series: Xcloud exceeds its FPS even on cell phones | EarthGamer

Among those who are opposed to playing with the cloud and others have already climbed, the famous Bit Analyst He has already given himself the task of showing how well he is working Xbox with xCloud.

Why did this happen? Very easy! Project xCloud is now also available in PC and on consoles Xbox One. Yes, it sounds like a bit of a ‘silly’ idea because finally many of the Game Pass games can be enjoyed on the console that came out in 2013.

The point here is that the hardware of the Xbox One It’s already getting a bit outdated compared to Series S and Series X. So how do you give it a new look? With the use of the cloud.

Xbox One Cloud Gaming

The Bit Analyst demonstrated in a video how the Xbox One can display better graphics with the simple use of the cloud. Even the comparison exposes the native game of the console against its reproduction with the cloud and the result does not wait.

With this you can give yourself a better idea of ​​how the cloud gives new life to the old hardware of Microsoft.

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Phil Spencer talks about the benefits xCloud can bring to Xbox One

The Xbox boss He used his Twitter account to applaud the work of The Bit Analyst and talks about a key issue that has to do with old hardware and that many might consider obsolete.

There are obvious advantages to playing a game on local hardware, but we can also bring the benefits of xCloud to millions of lower spec Xbox One, PC and mobile devices.’, declaró Phil Spencer.

There’s so much more to do, but it’s been amazing to see all the people using xCloud now on so many devices‘closed the boss of Xbox. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the goal of the cloud is that many more players can play without so many restrictions.

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