Big Loss for Anime: Slam Dunk and Fist of the North Star Animator Dies | EarthGamer

Although it is a natural part of life, death always hurts, especially when a great talent is taken from this world. Such was the case of the great Masami Suda a veteran animator from whose skilled hands some of anime’s most popular characters emerged or came to life.


Although the passing of Suda It happened at the beginning of the month, the news recently hit the media. Which filled many anime fans with sadness and has caused other legendary animators, such as Hisashi Kagawa, animation director of Sailor Moon, they will post messages mourning his passing.

The passage through the anime of Masami Suda

The 77-year-old veteran entertainer died after being ill for a few days, although the exact cause of his death is not yet known. The work of Suda in the world of anime it began in the sixties, when this medium began to become very popular among the Japanese public.

Among his first works was the much loved anime of international stature, Meteor, which was produced by Tatsunoko Productions in 1967. Later he would work in other shows, such as G Force and The Genius Family, while combining freelance work with a position in Toei.


His big promotion to animation director came with the first anime of Fist of the North Star and it seems that this led to some more mature shows. After Fist, I work in Slam Dunk, Yu-Gi-Oh! and the video game adaptation Viewtiful Joe. He certainly had a great career.

Masami Suda He stopped being an animation director, but he did not stray completely from the anime world. Until 2014 I was still working, only as a character designer for the popular franchise Yo-Kai Watch. With such an outstanding resume, surely you once saw one of the jobs of Suda, now you know who to thank for so many good times. May the teacher rest in peace.

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