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Tokyo Revengers it is one of the most popular sagas. His story about gang members, time travel and friendship has made a place in the hearts of his fans. But, more than one person in the community asks: ‘Where does the inspiration for its author come from? Is it based on a real gang? ‘

Many people suspect that its author may have been a great gang member during his youth. And they may be right.

Ken Wakui has written several works throughout his years as Shinjuku Swan, Abaddon, Sekisei Inko y Dessert Eagle. Like Tokyo Revengers, its main theme is criminal life in Japan. This led to fans of Reddit they would like to know where the interest of this mangaka came from.

According to this group, they found a photo that presumably was Ken Wakui as part of the gang Black Emperor:

Black Emperor it was a bosozoku, a gang of young motorcyclists. In fact, it was one of the greatest in all history. It would not be a surprise that Ken Wakui would have belonged to her and would have used it as inspiration to write Tokyo Revengers.

But is a photograph sufficient evidence to prove your affiliation?

Ken Wakui’s past

A photograph might not be proof enough. Fortunately, we have testimonials from his own Ken Wakui, author of Tokyo Revengers, which verify their participation in Black Emperor. He mentioned the following in an interview with the newspaper The world:

‘Belonging to a gang, at least in my time, was almost all about folklore, about appearances. If we went to blows, it was against another ‘furyo’, not against citizens, with whom we remained respectful and polite. ‘

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In fact, he admits that I include this topic in Tokyo Revengers: ‘I wanted to talk about a time when those gangs had style. The old ‘furyo’ were gang members with principles and not with money, as is often the case today. ‘

If you are a fan of Tokyo Revengers, you know the argues twist of the story is the ability to Takemichi Hanagaki to travel in time. This idea was integrated by the passion that Ken Wakui he had the gangs of the past.

takemichi hanagaki

In an interview with the newspaper Glénat, Ken Wakui mention how this happened:

The starting point for writing this piece came from my editor, he wanted to read a story about yankii (rude guys). This interested me, but I had no idea what they were like today. This is how I came up with the idea of ​​a hero traveling back in time, that’s how I could describe the yankii of the early 2000s, when I was one of them. ‘

The real gang behind Tokyo Revengers

In fact, if you know Tokyo Revengers, surely you noticed a resemblance to the values ​​that Mikey has when founding the Tokyo Manji Gang: He wanted to found a new era of gang members like the ones that existed before the They take. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Black Dragon, the brother’s gang Mikey, have a name so similar to Black Emperor, the gang that Ken Wakui belonged to.

black dragon tokyo revengers

Because of this admiration, it is that in Tokyo Revengers prints your inspiration on the Tokyo Manji Gang between the clothing: the use of the manji, the black colors and their ideals.

tokyo revengers ken wakui black emperor pandilla real

like the Tokyo Manji Gang on Tokyo Revengers, Black Emperor began its history as an activist and youth group. Fought against Vietnam War and enjoyed the support of the people.

However, they began to grow through violence, robbery and extortion. All this reached a climactic point when internal groups called for more violent actions, which ended up culminating in the creation of Rengoku Sekigun (the United Red Army) and the Nihon Sekigun (the Japanese Red Army) and the 1972 airport massacre.

Tokyo Revengers: This is the actual gang the series was based on | EarthGamer

This last point marked the beginning of the debacle and subsequent dissolution of Black Emperor, which it tried to survive during the following decades.

A former member commented years later to Paul Spicer, Japanese Gang Specialist: ‘Of course we also did work for money, but it was all about power… who gave the orders to whoever did them.’

God Speed You! Black Emperor (1976) | MUBI

As in the Tokyo Manji Gang from Tokyo Revengers, there were many internal conflicts and doubts about who was behind everything and their ambition ended up leading to their inevitable corruption. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, we recommend the documentary: God speed you! Black Emperor from Mitsuo Yanagimachi

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