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Blue Exorcist will return on May 2

As planned, finally the manga Blue Exorcist return to the pages of the magazine Jump SQ in the June issue, which will go on sale on May 2. The cover of that issue of the monthly magazine of Shueisha will be dedicated to this work of Kazu Kato on the occasion of his return. It was initially announced that the play would return this April, but was eventually postponed for another month.

The reason for this break was that Kato published a new miniseries in the same magazine. As of the October 2021 issue of the magazine Jump SQwhich went on sale in Japan in September, Kazue Kato began publishing a 6 episode miniseries who adapted the novel Eizen Karukaya Kaitan by Fuyumi Ohno. It is a story of horror and mystery that takes place in an old house that is going to be repaired.

Kazue Kato has been working with Blue Exorcist since 2009, when the serialization of this shônen of action and supernatural elements began in the magazine Jump SQ from Shueisha. So far the work has 27 volumes compilations in the Japanese market, as well as a spin-off manga titled Salaryman Futsumashi – Okumura Yukio no Aishuu and published between 2013 and 2020 between the magazine Jump SQ.19 Y Jump SQ.

the sleeve of Blue Exorcist was adapted to anime first in the form of animated series divided into two seasons and one movie. The first anime, broadcast between April and October 2011, has 25 episodes and an OVA, while the second season, titled Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Sagaconsists of 12 episodes broadcast on Japanese television between January and March 2017. In between, the anime reached the Japanese billboard in December 2012 under the title of Ao no Exorcist Gekijouban (Blue Exorcist: The Movie). A-1 Pictures was behind the animated production of both.

Both the manga and the anime reached Spain. The first to do so was the manga by Kazue Kato, in September 2011 by the hand of Editorial Standard. So far, the first 26 volumes of the series have been published and translated into Spanish, as well as the book Blue Exorcist Character Guide. The anime did not arrive until February 2019, when it premiered on the video-on-demand platform. Netflix.

Demon blood runs through Rin Okumura’s veins, but when Satan himself appears before him to take him to the demon world, Rin refuses. His adoptive father, a prestigious exorcist, manages to save the boy in exchange for his life… so Rin makes the decision to learn the trade of exorcist to fight against the evil fallen angel!!

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