Chainsaw Man: interview with the voice of Denji, Makima and the dubbing director for Latin America

Recently, during the La Mole: Horror Edition convention, Crunchyroll announced four of the actors who give voice to the protagonists of the ‘anime’ Chainsaw Man for dubbing into Latin American Spanish. Currently, the ‘anime’ Chainsaw Man has three episodes dubbed into Spanish from Latin America and GamerFocus —together with other media outlets in the region— has had the opportunity to interview Octavio Campos —dubbing director—, Emilio Trevino (Denji) and Gaby Gray (Makima) thanks to Crunchyroll.

Emilio Treviño is known for being the voice of Miles Morales in Spider-Man: A New Universe and Gaby Gris is remembered for giving life to Lady Mysaria de Lys in House of the Dragon and Hayase Nagatoro in Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro.

In this interview they, along with Octavio Campos, known for directing Platinum End and the first part of Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Battle for Sanctuary –They told us about the process of selecting voice actors for the roles of the ‘anime’ dubbing in Latin America, the challenges involved in adapting one of the most popular ‘anime’ of this season, among other things.

How was your experience recording the dubbing of Chainsaw Man?

Who better to explain to us what the dubbing actor selection process is like than Octavio Campos, the dubbing director of Chainsaw Man.

In our chat, Gaby told us that a couple of months ago Octavio contacted her to tell her that he proposed her for the role of Makima and that she had stayed with him. Since then, Gaby said that it has been difficult to keep the secret and that she has had to take care of her reactions on social networks. This in order not to generate suspicions about her inclusion in the cast of the dubbing for Latin American Spanish of Chainsaw Man.

Octavio told us that as with Makima, his first choice for Denji—Emilio Treviño—was also selected. According to the dubbing director of Chainsaw Man, Emilio is a talented young man and from the beginning Octavio trusted that he would be able to give him the nuance and character that a character like Denji needs.

Who is Emilio Trevino? let him tell us how he started the world of voice dubbing in Latin America.

The challenge of adapting to Power of Chainsaw Man for dubbing into Latin American Spanish

erika langarica is the voice actress that Crunchyroll announced as the voice of Power for the version of Chainsaw Man Dubbed into Latin American Spanish. Power is one of the main characters of the ‘anime’ Chainsaw Man who has the particularity in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s ‘manga’—despite his appearance—of speaking like an old man. This is evidenced by the use of words like “washi (わし)” when referring to herself, the pronoun “unu (汝 ・うぬ)” —to refer to Denji in a derogatory way— instead of the classic ‘kimi’ u. ‘omae’ which is used in other ‘shonen’. So we asked Octavio how he approached the challenge of adapting Power to Latin American Spanish in the dubbing of Chainsaw Man.

According to the ‘mangaka’ Tatsumi Fujimoto, Power’s personality is based on that of the characters Sobchak and Eric Cartman from the film. The Big Lebowski and the series South Park respectively.

Octavio told us that the use of words like villain, rascal or scoundrel by power in the Latin American version dubbed into Spanish of the ‘anime’ Chainsaw Man it was a translator’s decision, which they decided to follow. Since Octavio claimed to be very respectful with the ‘script’ and with the pronunciation of the names as it is done in the original language.

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The challenges of the protagonists

Gaby Gris also told us about the process she had to represent Makima in the Latin American Spanish dubbing of the ‘anime’ Chainsaw Man.

Gaby, in addition to telling us that of the two sides of Makima’s personality, she identifies more with the “sweet” side, she told us that of the “endings” of the “anime” Chainsaw Man he first is his favourite. For Octavio, the third episode of Chainsaw Man is the one that so far has the best closing song.

Throughout his career, Emilio Treviño has played characters such as Mikey (Tokyo Revengers), Iandore “Ian” Lightfoot (Joined) or Miles Morales (Spider-Man: A New Universe) among many others. So we asked him about what the characters can inspire and how he manages to connect with the audience.

What do you think of the Latin American Spanish dubbing of the ‘anime’? Chainsaw Man? Leave your answer in the comments.

List of endings of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man: interview with the voice of Denji, Makima and the dubbing director for Latin America

At GamerFocus we have a place dedicated to each of the closing songs and videos of Chainsaw Man. In these articles we review the different references that the videos that accompany the closing songs may have.

Which of the remaining 5 songs on the list of 12 will be the ‘ending’ theme song for the eighth episode (8) of the ‘anime’ of Chainsaw Man?

  • FIGHTING SONG”, by the singer Eve.
  • deep down” performed by singer Aimer.
  • violence” by the band Queen Bee.
  • first death” performed by singer Tooru Kitajima.
  • DOGLAND” performed by the group PEOPLE 1.