Chainsaw Man will have his own jewelry line, and there is even a trailer

chainsaw man” even in the soup. The work of Tatsuki Fujimoto, as well as Fujimoto-sensei himself, has reached such levels of popularity that at times it seems that the only thing that is desired is that, on the one hand, the release date is specified of the anime, and on the other start at once part 2 of the manga. For the second, we already know the exact day, and this has actually ended up motivating to announce a collaboration that I certainly did not expect.

This is the new and surprising collaboration of Chainsaw Man

Then I leave you with the trailer for “Chainsaw Man x Tasaki”the latter being a jewelry line that, precisely, will be in charge of creating pieces based on the work of Fujimoto-sensei:

As for the collaboration itself, I think one can extract 4 things very simple:

  • Yes, the collaboration with Tasaki jewelry seeks make special pieces based on the characters by Chainsaw Man. ❗❗❗
  • For now, Tasaki jewelry doesn’t seem to have opened a section of Chainsaw Man in which to see this collection in more detail. ❌❌❌
  • At this point, consequently, no details about this collaboration. One would assume that the jewelry in question would only be sold in Asia, but with Chainsaw Man’s current reach I wouldn’t rule out something more global either. ❌❌❌

Honestly, it looks like this second half of 2022 is going to be key when it comes to seeing how “Chainsaw Man” initiates more and more collaborations of this type. I have no doubt that the premiere of the MAPPA anime will be a before and after of the recent style of “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Kimetsu no Yaiba” or “Tokyo Revengers” among others. How far Fujimoto-sensei will go with this is the question that he has yet to answer, but of course he paints that the road will be very interesting.

Synopsis for Chainsaw Man

Denji is a penniless guy who works his ass off working as a Devil Hunter alongside his demonic dog Pochita to repay an astronomical debt, but then… a bloody betrayal turns his miserable life upside down!!